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Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters – Brunswick’s hidden gem.

Posted By admin, March 03,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – March 2016

This month, we’re handing over the floor to Melbourne’s original coffee-guzzling Northside by inviting back Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters to open for our Autumn roaster series.

Founding lads Hootan Heydari and Jono Hill, first begun their foray into coffee establishing A Minor Place in Brunswick, some ten years ago. It was during this time that the guys decided to answer their calling to take on an even bigger endeavour, deciding it was time to take their partnership (and relationship with coffee) to the next level…

Enter Wide Open Road in 2010 – the outlet which would allow them to live out this dream. Armed with a head full of dreams and a humble 6kg Gisen roaster in tow – the pair set to work to create superb coffee and a collaborative space which would inspire, out of their abundant warehouse nestled in Brunswick’s back streets.

Today, this warehouse is home to their thriving roastery housing two small batch roasters, a successful adjoining cafe, and Bird –  their creative co-working space frequented by filmmakers and writers. For the team, it’s always been about creating new things, whether it’s coffee and cafes, or even film and art – their focus is on doing the things that they love and doing it the best they can. With this, they issue us the notice to expect the Wide Open Road brand to keep on evolving with each new interest that rouses their passion.

With these awe-inspiring ambitions, the plight to create exceptionally tasting coffee still stands at the forefront of their pursuits – forever experimenting and consistently evaluating the individual nuances of the bean during the roasting process to ensure that no matter how it’s brewed, it’s always delicious.

Honesty and transparency is the cornerstone to their ethos and this is clear when you visit their Barkly street headquarters, with their roastery is in full view to all those inquisitive. Knowing where their coffee comes from is paramount to this value, with the team spending time at origin getting to know the farmers, producers that the various agents that have a hand in producing their coffee. They believe that treating those they buy from with honesty and integrity will shine through their brand and craft.

Finally, the WOR team wants us all to remember that coffee is about enjoying the experience. Be it the taste, or merely the ritual of brewing your daily cup (or four!) – make sure you don’t lose sight of what it is that you personally love about the humble bean.


Espresso drinkers

Taste the big bold flavours of their signature Bathysphere blend (a perpetual favourite) – as represented by the bald eagle. This season sees the wonderful amalgamation of beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Kenya. Get bold caramel, and dark chocolate sweetness with an underlying fruitiness from this coffee’s balanced yet rich body.

Explorers, take hold of their Shady Lane blend – as represented by the rat, which exudes chocolate and toffee flavours laced with cherry sweetness. This serene combination of Colombian, Indonesia, and Tanzanian beans makes for perfect milk-based espresso drinks fit for a king.


Filter drinkers

You’re tasting the Panama Baru Black Mountain single origin – represented by the irresistible sloth. Cultivated in the mountainous Altos de Colorado region at altitudes of 1250 meters above sea level and hand-processed by the indegenous Ngäbé tribe, this coffee yields a balanced body with cola and dried apple sweetness, giving way to a subtle finish of floral, lime and cucumber flavours.

Explorers, indulge your tastebuds with Burundi Ndywayezu Lot 1433 single origin – represented by the humble Hippo. This relatively unknown landlocked country has been producing coffee since Belgian colonists introduced the coffee crop to their generous fertile lands which took to the undertaking all too well. This lively and complex coffee heroes a toffee apple body and sweetness culminating in a fruit-filled papaya and guava finish.


Stay caffeinated.

Team No-BS


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Wide Open Road coffee roaster

Wide Open Road coffee roasting

Wide Open Road coffee cupping

Wide Open Road coffee exterior

Wide Open Road coffee cafe roastery

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