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Criteria Coffee by Craig, giving back to the coffee community.

Posted By admin, January 14,2020, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – JANUARY 2020

Hello 2020 and hello Criteria Coffee No-BS debutante and first cab off the rank to inaugurate the new decade(!)

Criteria has been 20 years in the making, and a little over a year in operation. Founder Craig Simon started his coffee career as a barista to earn extra money to support his first career as a touring jazz musician no less!

“I eventually moved away from the machine and into a sales role at Veneziano Coffee where I stayed for 12 years.” He’s held almost every position in coffee, including Green Bean Buyer, Roaster, Production Manager, Quality Assurance, Research & Development, Brand Ambassador, Q-Grade instructor and Training Manager so it’s safe to assume that he is well versed in all things coffee!

Participating in the World Barista Championship was also a formative part of his professional development. “Throughout my career I’ve tried to unpack the complexities of our industry, to find new solutions – ultimately to create an exceptional product.” And did we mention that he’s a three-time Australian Barista Champion??

Criteria Coffee by Craig is therefore the culmination of all his coffee experiences. As founder, he’s joined by Andrea Simon who looks after Marketing and Customer Service and fellow roaster Frederick Kjærulff-Schmidt.

Together they make it their duty to source high quality, unique, complex and interesting coffees, they aim to explore different varietals and processing methods to keep them engaged with what’s new and exciting to offer something different for their customers.

In his calling to impart his accumulated experience and coffee knowledge back to the community, Criteria have opened up their space as a “roastery for hire”, to openly share all that they know. “It gives us the opportunity to ‘give back’ as it was the logical progression to pass on what I know for others to achieve their own goals. I wanted to create an environment where coffee could be explored and perfected, not just by me but by others too.”

As a shared roastery, Craig gets to shape his own product “Criteria Coffee by Craig” along with helping others to do the same for their business or curiosity. “The community is key. I get to work with people that share my dedication for creating memorable coffee experiences.”

And when your brand ethos is “exceptional coffee always”, you know that their end product is going to be superb. So enjoy their goods on offer this month, and we look forward to keeping you thoroughly caffeinated throughout 2020… and decade with any luck!

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their delightful Ethiopia Jabanto single origin. Expect tropical fruits, mango, and red berry flavours from this Heirloom varietal.

Explorers, treat your taste buds to their The Crowd Pleaser blend. A combination of Brazil, mixed varietal and Ethiopia Jabanto, this blend does exactly what it says on the tin. Taste apricot, cherry and dark chocolate flavours from this Heirloom varietal which we’re confident will be widely appreciated.

Filter Drinkers

You’re also tasting their Ethiopia Jabanto. This versatile coffee flexes nicely as a lighter filter roast profile. Taste similar flavours of tropical fruits, mango and red berry in this more delicate and bright cup.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Honduras Finca El Puente. This washed Catuai varietal yields mandarine, toffee and plum flavours set to get your taste buds begging for more.


Enjoy the picks by Criteria Coffee, setting the bar high for the new decade (no pressure!).

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Criteria Coffee also host lots of events in their roastery space throughout the year, including free knowledge talks and skills workshops. Join their mailing list to see how you can get involved.


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