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Mansfield Coffee Merchant, creating coffee with their customers.

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Featured roaster – DECEMBER 2019

When good coffee is few and far between in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, it was clear that the need to introduce specialty grade coffee to the region was dire. So our December roaster Mansfield Coffee Merchant opened their cafe in 2014 to bring a bit of Melbourne to Mansfield with high quality coffee, an exciting menu and personable service in a modern setting.

Originally the General Merchant store in Mansfield, they pay tribute to the past and highlight the character of the beautiful building of which they are now custodians.

Later branching out to roast their own coffee, a 5kg Roastmax roaster sits proudly in the window which is where this roasting journey started.

But why keep all that goodness all to themselves? Now 5.5 years on they have a dedicated roastery with twin 15kg Roastmax roasters and supply over 150 cafes Australia wide.

The team are led by Director Mat Picone, with Gareth MacDonald leading the business development division. Heading roasting is Hamish Spruell joined by roaster Brydie Smith and barista trainers Sarah Van De Ven and Mollie Bourke.

“We have developed all our blends with our customers, constantly seeking feedback to refine them into coffee we have tested in the field. We then take this information back to the roastery and work our magic to produce what we believe is a coffee that makes you want a second cup time after time.”

“We cup, cup and cup some more.” Always seeking samples, tastings and trying heaps of coffee. They don’t just rely on cupping though, “we will always espresso roast and taste our singles across multiple styles from filter to large milk based coffees even. We do this to get the customer perspective, not just how we like to drink it.”

On top of that they have worked hard to develop relationships with their green bean suppliers so they know what they and their customers like, ensuring their offerings are always diverse, delicious and a little different to the norm.

Their philosophy is to supply delicious specialty grade coffee, extensive training with unparalleled support, and to have fun all the while doing it.

“Our dedication to creating delicious blends that suit everyone and discovery of amazing single origin coffees has grown with the business and we are proud to offer these coffees to No-BS members…”:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their House Party blend. Three beans combine in this blend with Colombian being the largest component. A full-bodied blend that is roasted to bring out dark chocolates, spice and a smooth caramel finish with a hint of citrus. Amazing enjoyed as a complex black coffee and super punchy and full bodied with milk.

Explorers are treated to their Nicaragua La Laguna. This single origin coffee hails from a Cup of Excellence (COE) listed farm. This farm is a second generation operation with the children of Luis Emilio Valladarez and Ilcia Antonia operating the La Laguna farm. Olman Valladarez manages the soils, shade, harvesting and processing operations and are committed to providing excellent working conditions to their staff and the local community. Taste blackcurrant, cherry, fudge, dark chocolate, racy orange acidity.

Filter Drinkers

Taste their Kenya Gathiathi AA single origin. This coffee was produced by numerous smallholder farmers, all of whom are members of the Gathaithi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society. Run by the farmers themselves, they represent and processes cherry for some 1,250 active smallholder farmers with a total annual production of over 102,000 kilos. Taste mango, peach, pineapple, caramel and vanilla, deliciously balanced with a brown sugar finish.

Explorers are treated to their Ethiopia Moplaco Guji Grade 1 single origin. Heleanna Georgalis is at the forefront of exporting Ethiopia’s finest coffees. She runs Moplaco, a coffee exporter, grader, and dry mill started by her father Yanni in 1972. Currently they purchase coffees from Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Limu, and Harrar regions, as well as growing coffee on their own farm. Tropical and syrupy, taste nectarine, toffee, rockmelon and pineapple with a lingering sweet acidity.


We hope you enjoy the picks by Mansfield Coffee Merchant this month, and we look forward to treating you to even more impeccable coffee in the new year.

Stay caffeinated this silly season.

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