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Posted By admin, November 12,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – NOVEMBER 2019

Our penultimate roaster for 2019 is the up and coming Martyr Coffee Roasters. They know a thing or two about exceptional coffee as they’re the same team behind popular eatery Abacus, keeping Melbourne’s famously meticulous coffee drinkers well fed and watered.

Martyr are about artisan, hand-cared, homemade coffee achieved through countless cupping, tasting, and quality checks until the ideal cup of coffee is realised.

The team is led by hospitality veteran Dylan Whitmore, which puts him well-placed to understand what coffee is enjoyed by cafe frequenting folk, as are head barista Toby, joined by Bryan, Andy and Leo rounding out the Martyr Coffee team.

And this is precisely where they differ to other roasters, as every barista in their team is able to participate in coffee roasting and production, making them that much extra attentive to product knowledge from seed to cup.

When creating blends, the team seeks consistency in taste – always targeting a sweet and balanced profile to ensure every single cup is enjoyable.

So what inspired their name? Dylan explains “This means sacrificing oneself for the greater good. In hospitality, and especially the coffee industry, we feel as though so many people are working so hard to create such special and unique experiences that we are all martyrs in some way”.

The team are so serious about coffee that they cite arguing about what coffee they’re getting during tasting as the most enjoyable part of their job!

And it’s this passion that we know will shine through in what Martyr Coffee Roasters have to offer our members this month:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their synonymous Martyr Blend. Consisting of beans spanning Mexico, Colombia and Ethiopia, this blend carries delicious milk chocolate and cherry flavours.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Guatemala Vista al Bosque single origin. Taste roasted hazelnut, stewed fruits, and toffee in this delightfully balanced cup.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Ethiopia Danse Momora. Stone fruit, white sugar sweetness, and a buttery mouthfeel will keep you coming back for more.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Kenya AB Thirikwa Gakuyu. Blackcurrant, citrus and honey flavours create this most tantalising cup.


How are you enjoying the coffee by Martyr Coffee Roasters this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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The South Melbourne Bakery, South Melbourne |

Kyoto Cafe, Ringwood |


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