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Featured roaster – MARCH 2020

March welcomes an interstate-based roaster from the country’s north. Inducting Blackboard Coffee Roasters – into the No-BS fold!

When Nick Pearce landed in the Gold Coast fresh from a barista gig in his home town Melbourne, he struggled to find a decent cup of coffee in sight. So he found himself making the trip to Brisbane multiple times a week between university classes in search of better coffee.

Realising that something needed to be done to address this dire coffee situation, he approached his family for a small loan to open an espresso bar next to the university campus where he was studying.

Knowing that he wanted to educate his customers on where their coffees were coming from and how they got to being in their cup, he came up with the name ‘Blackboard’, and five days after his 19th birthday the doors to Blackboard Coffee opened in 2011.

Word spread quickly as it turned out others, like Nick, were seeking out the casual and authentic atmosphere with exciting quality coffees from all over the globe.

From those humble beginnings, Nick eventually turned his attention to coffee roasting, a craft he learnt from local cafe owner and roaster Josh Russell. Blackboard opened the doors to their roastery in 2013.

Seven years on and after enjoying the dynamic of working with other business owners on their cafes and teaching their baristas to make coffee, Blackboard now supplies over 35 cafes and imports over 50 tonne of specialty grade coffee from coffee farms around the world with a focus on quality, relationships, transparency and sustainability.

They continue to be about keeping it real and supplying good coffee to good people. Ever focussed on strengthening their relationships with their coffee farmers, wholesale partners and coffee drinkers while being leaders in the way they conduct their business.

“Relationships are important to us and having some connection to the people that grow it and knowing that everyone in the supply chain is winning and producing quality is what’s important to us.”

Along with the knowledge of being a part of the specialty coffee movement and serving the coffees they want to drink, the team get joy from selfishly enjoying a really good cup of coffee and knowing the amount of effort that has gone into producing just that one cup.

“We are excited about the future and look forward to growing our community of stoked coffee drinkers. We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do!

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting Blackboard’s Seasonal Espresso blend. Taste cherry, blueberry milkshake and caramel sweetness from this well-balanced cup.

Explorers are also treated to their Guji-Danse Momora Ethiopian single origin. Taste strawberry, blueberries and chocolate from this naturally processed coffee.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Entre Caminos Honduras single origin. Taste papaya, cherry and rum flavours from this naturally processed coffee.

Explorers are also treated to their El Aguacate – Guatelmala. This washed Caturra varietal is delicious, bright, sweet and clean tasting like apricot, vanilla and brown sugar.


Enjoy the picks by Blackboard Coffee Roasters this month!

blackboard coffee roasters mountains

blackboard coffee roasters colombia farmers

blackboard coffee roasters team

blackboard coffee roasters berries pour

blackboard coffee roasters nick pearce berries

blackboard coffee roasters nick pearce farmer

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blackboard coffee roasters colombia team

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