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Sensory Lab Coffee Roasters, another nod to an old favourite.

Posted By admin, September 06,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – SEPTEMBER 2016

We like to keep a close watch on our previously featured roasters to see how their product has evolved over days gone and more importantly – to see what new they have install that our members deserve to discover. So September sees an earlier roaster revival from way-back-when to check up on what they’ve been up to since we saw them last… Enter Melbourne’s coffee darlings Sensory Lab coffee roasters. A standout favourite of ours, we couldn’t resist featuring their coffee again this month!

Spawn of the geniuses behind Melbourne’s wildly successful specialty coffee business St. Ali, Sensory Lab were bestowed the pedigree and authority to task themselves with educating us about the wonders of black filter coffee using unique brewing methods – encouraging appreciation of a different way of drinking. Along the way, they have established themselves as tastemakers in what is considered as the third wave coffee movement now sweeping Australia.

Keen advocates of single origin beans, their green beans are sourced direct from growers worldwide – with an emphasis on building long lasting relationships with the farmers themselves. This visibility and closeness to the entire bean journey is prevalent in the supreme quality of their end coffee that we have become acquainted.


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You’re tasting their flagship Seamless seasonal blend. A happy marriage of the much revered Ethiopia Yirgacheffe heirloom and Brazil Laranjal yellow bourbon varietals. Full of candied lemon sweetness, apricot and fine milk chocolate flavours, this coffee will awaken your tastebuds not to mention your mind!

Explorers, you’re tasting their Steadfast seasonal blend. Their most popular espresso blend, this is an fine mix of beans from Colombia Pitalito and Brazil Sao Sebastio. Notes of plum and red apple fruitiness is balanced with blackberry jam richness. The added sweetness of dark chocolate fudge and brioche yields a bold yet smooth cup, ready to be enjoyed again and again.


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You’re tasting their Brazil Sítio Cordilheiras. The farm is located in the Iuna Espirito Santo region and has been run by five generations of the Vieira family in which this property continues to be in possession. Surrounded by the Caparaó National Park – the unique climate, soil, and vegetation have a seemingly positive impact on the way in which the coffee is cultivated, producing a silky coffee which exudes honey sweetness, complex red fruits, nectarine, and black tea acidity.

Explorers, get to taste their Colombia Alirio Aguilera. A proclaimed favourite of the Sensory Lab team themselves, much care is taken on the San Isidro farm to ensure sustainable cultivation – where the pulp waste produced during the processing of the coffee is composted and used to fertilise the very same trees that bore cherries for picking in the first place – how’s that for full circle! Taste the sweetness of char grilled pineapple, with hints of rose, green apple and fresh melon, topped with a lasting creamy finish.


We hope you like their new look, and can’t wait for you to try what’s on the table from them this month.


Stay caffeinated.

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