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Posted By admin, August 06,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – AUGUST 2017

Back in 2005, then accountant Ramez had an epiphany of sorts which led him to question his enjoyment of his career. Shortly after, he acted on this urge and eschewed his accounting career to pursue his original passion… coffee, and so began the makings of our featured roaster Rosso Roasting Co.

With hospitality in his blood from an early age – growing up working in his parents cafes, to owning and operating no less than 5(!) of his own – made this pursuit a no-brainer. Opening his first cafe at the tender age of 22, he couldn’t get his love of coffee off his mind whilst trying his hand at other industries. And then he found roasting…

The team behind Rosso is very much a family affair – with Ramez in the driver’s seat as owner and head roaster, running the warehouse with Youie, trainer Jak, and resident coffee machine techie Dom. On top of this, it wouldn’t be Rosso without his wife providing the much needed structure behind the scenes, and his father who is coffee packing extraordinaire (and also good for bossing him around we’re told!).

So what do they do better than other roasters? Ramez states “Consistency is one of our biggest strengths. We understand that people crave what they know and love, and if we can deliver the same cup to our customers day in, day out, they’ll keep coming back in droves. We also love to excite them with some amazing single origins when they’re ready to explore.”

The team source their beans direct from farms overseas which ensures the coffee is only the best produce to work with, as most of the hard work is done by the farmers at origin. “It’s then our responsibility to delicately highlight the characteristics of the beans with our roasting. We roast each single origin individually to create our blends in order to protect all the individual characteristics to create synergistic and vibrant blends.”

Ramez can now wholeheartedly call Rosso Roasting Co. his pride and joy. He has very much hit his stride with this career pivot and is very happy to not look back.


This month, here’s what’s are on offer in those little blue bags of joy:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their Rosso blend – their signature blend of 4 origins across South America, Africa & Indonesia. Designed to taste like some of your favourite foods being caramel, dark cocoa, hazelnut, hints of berries, lights citrus acidity, a touch of spice culminating in a sweet dark chocolate finish. It is comforting and at the same time interesting with some super specialty notes going on. It’s a blend that can be enjoyed both black and white.

Explorers, you’re also drinking their Guatemala El Potrerito Estate. Taste flavours of peach, grape, soft fruits, almond, soft red fruit with lingering sweet praline aftertaste from this washed coffee.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kesha. Taste floral, apricot and honeyed aroma. Bright apricot upfront with notes of coffee blossom mid palate and floral on cooling. High, grapefruit acid carries through cup. Sweet and creamy cup with delicate biscuit and toffee finish.

Explorers, you’re also drinking their Rwanda Mussasa. This dark cup is characterised by winey plum notes and high acidity upfront. Pillowy soft full body transitions to a long cream, burnt brown sugar and dark cocoa finish.


How are you enjoying Rosso Roasting Co. coffee picks this month?


Stay caffeinated.
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Fine establishments serving coffee by Rosso Roasting Co. near you:



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Drugstore Espresso, South Yarra |

Dumbo, West Footscray |

Heresy, Melbourne |

Entrecote, South Yarra |


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