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Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird, doing it for Melbourne’s Bayside.

Posted By admin, October 04,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – OCTOBER 2016

If you’re connected to us on social, you may have already guessed our October roaster by now – else if you’ve been living under a rock, then the induction of Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird to No-BS’s kingdom of coffee will no doubt be news to you – and hopefully a most welcome surprise.

Haven’t heard of them yet? That’s because these guys are quiet achievers, who have been happily roasting their caffeine gold in the sleepy suburbs of Melbourne’s South East since 2010, based in the small bayside suburb of Gardenvale. Their obsession for the bean and a vast knowledge of coffee led founders Dean Atkins and Andy Gelman to start up their own roastery where they could experiment for days to craft the best coffee imaginable.

The team led by the boys are passionately dedicated to making the best coffee that their customers can drink, where their mission to get people excited about coffee means they place utmost importance on the quality of the beans they proffer, unwilling to compromise on this core value (only exceptional will do!).

Their fixation on quality means research and experimentation are high on the agenda at Omar’s, and they know how to make the most of their premium beans in the roasting process. They do this by leveraging upon the unique farming conditions of the beans they source, in the roasting process – maximising the idiosyncratic characteristics which sets it apart from other coffees in the market.

Now if that’s not considered honouring the bean, then we don’t know what is!

And “what of the name?” you ask? It’s an ode to the myth re the introduction of coffee to our civilization. According to legend, it is Omar we have to thank for his chance encounter with the namesake bird who bestowed our hero protagonist with the magical branch, laden with the beans we have now become so reliant upon (and are ever so thankful for!).


Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their Moreninha Formosa, from Brazil. At 1250 masl, the region of Alto Paranaiba has rich soil, very consistent rainfall and superb weather conditions for producing great coffee. Drying is done on suspended patios which allows the coffee to dry slowly and evenly. Expect sweet chocolate and nutty flavours, with citrus undertones and caramel aromas.

Explorers, taste their San Miguel. This estate is located in Desamparados, in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. The Castro family has owned and operated this farm since 1910. This is a beautifully honey-processed lot, displaying classic Costa Rican flavours of honey, citrus and chocolate.


Filter drinkers

You’re tasting the Rwandan Mwasa. The Mwasa Washing Station was setup in 2006 in Myamasheke district. Going broke within their first 2 years, Mwasa was revived by Omar’s suppliers at Rwanda Trading Company. The station now sources cherries from over 100,000 coffee trees in the area. Expect sweet and nutty flavours, with citrus, honey, and caramel aromas.

Explorers, you’re drinking the Kenyan Gachuiro. Kiama Co-operative Society in the Nyeri Province of Kenya is responsible for this delicious coffee. This lot is dry fermented for extra body and texture and then fully washed with water from the Kaguma River. SL28 and SL34 are varietals of coffea arabica, developed at Scottish Laboratories in the 1930s. Expect bright citrus and chocolaty fragrance with sweet flavours of nuts and cranberry.


We can’t wait for you to try what’s on the table from them this month.


Stay caffeinated.

Team No-BS

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Find out more about this month’s roaster at


For a bite and some good vibes, visit their cafe roastery:
Omar & The Marvellous Coffee Bird
124 Gardenvale Road
Gardenvale, Victoria 3185


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