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Niccolo Coffee Roasters, heroing Melbourne coffee in the Big Apple.

Posted By admin, February 02,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – FEBRUARY 2017

February brings about the debut feature of Niccolo Coffee Roasters which happily coincides with their recent rebrand. Does their vibrant sunshine yellow branding look familiar? That’s because they’re supplying some of Melbourne’s best cafes, so you might have already been lucky enough to have happened upon their gems.

In 2008, founder Davide Drummond set about to create modern coffee which both captured the attention of the emerging third wave coffee movement penetrating the city, yet was also true to their desire to make coffee which actually tastes like a coffee. “At that time, the coffee movement was progressing rapidly towards highly acidic alternative profiles that, in our opinion, lost the essence of the morning coffee”. Enter Niccolo.

Originally a project of passion, it quickly grew into a full-fledged business when others seemed to share their enthusiasm for their product, and they couldn’t be more proud. Today, Davide’s team has grown to include Head Roaster Bertie Sulpizi, Project Manager Dylan Alexander and a solid team of passionate baristas, technicians and operations. Together they make up team Niccolo.

They see themselves as occupying the space in the market between the two extremes of an ultra boutique roaster and a traditional Italian style roaster. “It’s a flavour profile that breaks the norm, yet stays away from the extremes. We’re experimental where it matters, however you’re always going to know the coffee you wake up to”.

A perfect cup of Niccolo comes from months of behind-the-scenes planning and execution, only to be enjoyed in a mere matter of minutes in the cup. But for them, nothing else matters more than these few minutes in a happy coffee drinker’s hands. To quote Italian philosopher (and namesake!) Niccolo Machiavelli, “The ends justifies the means” and ‘Niccolo’ now lives in our cup.

And nothing gives them more joy than seeing their distinctive yellow takeaway cups all over town. Davide reflects, “Every time I see one, I know that person is spending a few moments out of their busy day to enjoy something we passionately created, and I love that.”

And as if supplying some of Melbournes’ top cafes wasn’t enough, they’ve also found their way into no less than NYC(!) – as the chosen supplier of Australian cafe upstart Bluestone Lane cafe; designed to introduce Melbourne’s cafe and coffee culture to the city. And who better than Niccolo to hero our famed coffee at their many locations across the city. Even the likes of Taylor Swift has had the pleasure of sipping their brews(!!). And with the cafe also branching out to Philadelphia recently, Niccolo are even better placed at expanding their reach on the world stage.

High five for making it in the Big Apple we say – you’re doing Melbourne coffee proud. New Yorkers don’t know just how lucky they are! (Represent! )

So the next time you’re visiting the big smoke, drop in for a cup of Niccolo, and tell them we sent you 😉


Our picks for you this month:


Espresso drinkers
Get a load of Niccolo’s house blend. This mainstay hero blend is their coffee which they insists “tastes like coffee should”. This soft, easy to drink and well balanced cup yields chocolate and hazelnut notes with a subtle citrus and berry finish, with the perfect balance of milk and hints of honeycomb.

Explorers, you’re drinking Gran Galope from the Huila region of Colombia. This Castillo Caturra varietal carries sweetness of caramel and green grape acidity. The end cup is balanced with savoury notes and creamy finish.


Filter drinkers

You’re tasting their Nueve Aguas of Guatemala from the Purulha – Low Verapaz – Coban region. This Caturra varietal makes for a cup ripe with caramel, chocolate and apricot aromas, with tropical fruits, citrus flavours and brown sugar sweetness. Bright apple acidity and medium juicy body nicely rounds off this cup.

Explorers get a taste of their Kiaguthu AA of Kenya cultivated at 1800masl. This cup is honey up front with blackcurrant fruit acidity, and sticky toffee flavours and textures are met at the finish.


Stay caffeinated.

Team No-BS

Niccolo Coffee Bertie Sulpiz

Niccolo Coffee rosetta

Niccolo Coffee packaging new branding

Niccolo Coffee team

Niccolo Coffee bag bird


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Fine establishments serving Niccolo near you:



Fourth Chapter, Prahran |

Left Field, Carnegie |

Lucky Penny, South Yarra |

Millstone Patisserie, Malvern |

Thirty Eight Chairs, South Yarra |

Botherambo, Richmond |

Windsor Deli, Windsor |

Home Juice, Docklands |

Berto’s, Melbourne |



Bluestone Lane, New York (various locations) |


See for the full list.


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