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Code Black Coffee Roasters

Code Black Coffee Roasters, bringing science to the art of coffee roasting.

Posted By admin, April 04,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – April 2016

Boy do we have a goodie for you this month – we’re inviting back one of our earlier roasters, Code Black Coffee Roasters to represent for April, and just in time for the unveiling of their brand spanking new packaging.

The team behind this progressive operation are owner and operator Joseph, operations manager Archie, head roster Allan and roaster and resident Q-Grader Zenki, along with coffee trainer Sam – who also happens to be the 2016 New Zealand Barista Champion no less!

The team started out roasting a few hundred kilos per week from a modest 12kg Probat in a warehouse space shared with another roaster back in 2012. Fast forward to 2016 and my how far have things come, since launching their flagship roastery in Brunswick in 2013, to their multiple eponymous cafe outposts sprouting up all over inner Melbourne in the years following – the team at Code Black do not waste any time, swiftly spreading their core tenet of quality first, all over town.

The team liken themselves to a laboratory – fixated on the science and “dark art” of coffee roasting. They are dedicated to sourcing the best beans the world has to offer, and roasting them such that the complexities and uniqueness of the beans shines through to produce a standout cup. To this pursuit, they pride themselves on showing respect throughout the entire coffee journey, ensuring respect for the plantation farms, the produce, and the farmers themselves – all in the name of their ultimate respect for the bean.

Initially starting out with a single origin focus, the team have since expanded to experiment with creating their own coveted blends which are accessible to all who are open to enjoying a good cup of coffee, optimising composition to suit varied drinking styles, whether milk-based or simply black.

With that, we hope you find Code Black’s offerings this month suited to yours!


Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting the sweet flavours of their signature 3056 blend – an ode to Brunswick, the place their cafe roastery calls home. Made up of premium Guatemalan, Ethiopian, and Colombian beans, when enjoyed black, this drink exudes flavours of plum, sparkling apple and sweet molasses. When enjoyed with milk, these flavours mellow out – manifesting as stewed apple, with notes of vanilla and raisin.

Explorers, enjoy their new Seasonal Blend – of which their latest incarnation is represented by their favourite African beans from Ethiopia and Kenya – resulting in a fruit-driven blend harnessing stone fruit flavours, with black tea, and citrus. Enjoy the charming nuances of this blend whichever way you decided to drink it.


Filter drinkers

Get spoilt with the Kenyan Karatina single origin produced by the smallholders of the Nyeri county and sourced by the Barichu Farmers Cooperative society. This washed and sun-dried variety is cultivated in soil at 1700 metres above sea level, giving rise this coffee’s light floral, grape and currant flavours making for an exceptional clean cup profile.

Explorers, be amazed by the Colombia – Cafe Granja La Esperanza single origin from the Caicedonia Valle del Cauca region. This naturally processed Caturra Castillo varietal yields raisin, and herbal flavours with maple syrup sweetness.


Stay caffeinated.

Team No-BS


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