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Posted By admin, December 01,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – DECEMBER 2016

Since their last feature over a year ago, Clark St Coffee has achieved a lot. Most significant was the relocation of their roastery to a new facility around their corner from their former home on Clark St. Still within the premier roasting precinct of Richmond, their Crown St expansion offers much needed space for this growing coffee company.

The relocation saw the commissioning of two new Diedrich roasters, which has allowed them to improve upon their already high quality and consistency. Head of Coffee, Tim Crowley describes about how seamless this step forward was for their customers, “Our customers transitioned to coffee from the new roasters with very little disruption. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the increased complexity and balance they were getting from our coffee. Our rigorous quality control, investment in technology and deep understanding of our coffees and our customers’ needs helped us make this happen.”

They also just recently launched a Training & Education Program in conjunction with their new, dedicated Training and Cupping rooms. Training has always been a part of their success as a wholesale roaster. “We have always placed great emphasis on the importance of training. We entrust the success of our brand to our café partners who present our coffee at their best. Effective education and training has been key to their success as baristas and café owners. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch.”–Head of Training, Tom Ervin-Ward.

Clark St Coffee’s much anticipated public coffee bar is scheduled to launch in 2017. “We are unique in being one of the few specialty roasters that has operated as a wholesale operation prior to opening a café or public coffee bar. This decision has kept us grounded and focused on delivering coffee and a service that meets the needs of cafes.”

“This is our first permanent public coffee bar and it is going to be an amazing space. It will be an educational and inspirational environment where we can present our coffees and the stories behind them without the distraction and obligation of a full café operation.”– Owner, Melissa Floreani.


Coffees on offer this month:


Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting the Finca Valerio, Costa Rica. This is the second year Clark St have worked with Juan Carlos Valerio to bring his unique, high quality coffees to Australia. On the Southern side of his farm, Juan Carlos Valerio has his Arbol de la Energia (Tree of Energy) which he hugs every day to allow him to grow the best coffee. Taste sparkling wine, white peach and hibiscus from this pleasant blend.

Explorers, taste the flavours of the Guatemala Miracave. Twenty years ago Finca El Saltillo became one of the first coffee farms in the San José Acatempa region. Established by Denis David Donis’ grandfather, the farm then passed to his father and now to Denis himself. Three generations of hard work have seen the farm winning awards in the highly competitive regional competition. The Miracave microlot from Finca El Saltillo benefits from the high quality standards and regulations established by Denis’ father. The continual attention to soil health ensures ongoing quality and high production. Taste balanced, blackcurrant, peach and musk.


Filter drinkers

You’re tasting their Ethiopia Tade GG. Hailing from Tesfaye Bekele’s farm in the coffee popular Sidamo region, the rich volcanic soils, high altitude of Tade GG allow the coffee cherries to develop slowly which produces a complex and tasty coffee. This mixed heirloom variety offers syrupy, bergamot and blackcurrant flavours which are sure to pack a punch.

Explorers, taste their Nicaragua Mario Jose Ortéz. The namesake farmer grows a mix of caturra, red catuai, yellow catuai and paca varieties on his farm, Finca San Martin. Ripe coffee cherries are selectively harvested between January to late March by local workers from the surrounding communities. Producer Mario Jose Ortéz began his coffee farm, Finca San Martin in 1998. His coffee trees are grown amongst other vegetation including guaba which is a nitrogen binding legume with a sweet pulp. The biodiversity of this farm encourages plant and soil health which leads to a better coffee. Expect jammy, rosehip, honeysuckle and white peach flavours from this delightful cup.


Stay caffeinated.

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