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Posted By admin, February 03,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – February 2016

February brings with it a delightful story, one of which was inspired by a great man. Brother Basil Coffee Co. is the team’s way of paying homage to late uncle Basil – the original coffee aficionado of the family who was well and truly ahead of his time.

Established in 1939, Basil was a man reminiscent of what specialty coffee is today… dark, smooth and stylish – attributes which the Brother Basil team aspire to uphold in their creations, staying true to the coffee which would do their namesake proud.

Together, this tight knit team – made up of Damien, Amelia, Leanne, Sarah and Head Barista Edward – pay homage to the reverent Basil, devotedly recreating the coffee flavours Basil so adored out of their roastery in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Reservoir.

Their self-imposed remit is not to be the flashiest kid on the block, rather focusing on appealing to the needs of their customers – to please the taste of any individual coffee lover, doing whatever it takes to keep their customers satisfied. They do this by letting their coffee do the talking – believing their commitment to consistency in their products will shine through in taste, every time.

So what makes a great cup of coffee? They insist this isn’t something easily verbalised – it can only be felt. It’s the feeling that comes with the first cup of the day and knowing that from the moment the coffee hits your tastebuds – you’ll be able to face whatever the day throws at you!

When prompted about the best part of their jobs, they cite the satisfaction which appears on their customers’ faces when they try their coffee for the first time. Only then, they consider their job is done.

So wait no more for your chance to sink into Brother Basil’s delightful creations. We reckon Uncle Basil would be well proud.

Espresso + Filter drinkers

This month, Espresso and Filter drinkers will be treated to the same of Brother Basil’s best blends this month – roasted to their chosen preference of course(!).

Be charmed by the 3108 blend, bestowed it’s name after the postcode of the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster, which holds a special place in the team’s heart – as a place where formative years were spent. Expect dominant dark chocolate flavours, with a hint of stone fruit from this knockout cup. Filter drinkers, expect a darker than usual profile – akin to the way uncle Basil used to like it!

Explorers, look forward to experiencing the Premium Blend, combining flavours from Brazilian, Ethiopian and Honduras beans. This primo mix makes for a smooth medium body cup, full of sweet vanilla and plum flavours, with subtle notes of maple syrup throughout.

So what do you make of Brother Basil’s coffee this month?

Stay caffeinated.

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