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Brewhouse Coffee Roasters, a Bendigo institution spreads its wings across Melbourne.

Posted By admin, August 09,2018, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – AUGUST 2018

From the same team who brought you our January featured roaster Undercover Coffee Roasters, this month we’re introducing their sister roaster Brewhouse Coffee Roasters, who also happily call Bendigo home.

Based across Melbourne and Bendigo, the Brewhouse team started life roasting on a humble 15kg roaster out of their Hargraves Street cafe – an institution amongst Bendigo locals.

When word about their epic coffee got around, this called for a solid upgrade if they were to keep up with the growing demand throughout Victoria, from cafes spanning their native Bendigo, to Melbourne, Geelong and even all the way out to Swan Hill!

In order to do this, they moved operations to a warehouse in East Bendigo to upscale their roasting facilities which ensured they had the capacity to fulfil the growing appetite for their coffee (thankfully!).

Good news sure does spread like wildfire, and we can see why as their passion for coffee shines in every single cup. And now you get to experience it for yourself right here…

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their House Blend – their signature recipe. Combining carefully selected beans to create a profile that is clean and sweet. Taste notes of hazelnuts, smooth caramel and milk chocolate from this clean cup with a sweet profile.

You’re tasting their Espresso blend, with notes of almond, dark chocolate, cocoa, caramel from this clean cup with a thick creamy body.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Kenya single origin filter roast. Taste apricot, raspberry fruitiness with notes of lemonade and cola from this delightful cup.

Explorers, taste their Ethiopia Guji single origin filter roast. Taste fruity notes of nectarine, rockmelon and pineapple with a touch of toffee sweetness.


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Cookie Crumbs, Kyneton and Castlemaine |

Ripples, Geelong |

Cafe 202, Swan Hill |

Bean & Gone, Swan Hill |


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