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Zest Specialty Coffee, for the love of flavour and coffeekind.

Posted By admin, May 13,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – MAY 2019

Since we saw them last, Zest Specialty Coffee have undergone a complete overhaul of their look. As part of their mission to transport customers on a journey of flavour from seed to cup, their colourful “Flavour Terrains” motifs on their new packaging is inspired by the topography of the contoured mountain slopes of coffee farms, with the vibrant colours representing the personality and unique flavour profile of each coffee they feature.

While they may look different, everything else is the same Zest that has always been – still ever in pursuit of “The Perfect Balance” with flavour always at the forefront. This fascination with flavour brings their focus greatly on microlots, small batch roasting, and using an artisan approach to creating specialty blends.

“Our mission in everything we do is to find The Perfect Balance of both worlds, artisan and consumer driven. In fact, we are focused on finding the balance from both sides of the line in every part of coffee roasting – the culture, the industry, the people, the flavour, the conversations and especially the future of specialty coffee.”

Zest reaches out to all coffee lovers far and wide. “When you’ve been to origin and worked among the real coffee people that tirelessly toil to grow and process the beans, and have witnessed the passion and dedication of the roasters who bring out the best in the beans. When you’ve joked with the barista who engages with their patrons while expertly extracting superb brews, and when you’ve witnessed the delight of palatable discovery on a coffee drinker’s face… You realise you can’t leave the human factor out of coffee. It’s what makes it what it is. It’s what we have come to call ‘coffeekind'”.

Their roasting process is designed to articulate and enhance the aroma and flavour and unique personality of each harvest. Understanding the seasonality and complexities of specialty coffee, consistency remains a solid focus for the team. “We know there’s no shortcut to optimal flavour. And we know there’s no purpose without it.”

The Zest team has certainly evolved over the years too. Joining owners/brothers Rod and Anton Greenfield, and head of coffee Roy Greenfield are Aryan Aqajani – head roaster and a gold mine of knowledge with an unrelenting pursuit of perfection, multi-skilled coffee guru Darren Stinson, creative director Alexia King, barista extraordinaire Tim Fullerton, roaster and ops manager Scott Greenfield, brand communicator Mandy Del Vecchio and Courtney Greenfield who keeps their customers topped up with coffee!

So what’s coming up for the Zest team? “You can expect to see more projects with Peru, and hopefully other regions in the future that will uncover a whole world of flavour we haven’t seen before.” This will also see collaborations with café partners to help bring more onsite projects to fruition. And now that both their Roasting HQs have been renovated, expect to see more events which the public can come along and get involved in to witness Zest’s enduring dedication to bring out the best of the humble coffee bean.

We hope you enjoy their new look as much as their exciting coffee on offer this month:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their African Mailman blend from their Espressist series. Composed of Ethiopian Tome Guji Natural and El Salvador El Guarlo, taste chocolate pudding, plum jam, maple syrup, cream and berries making for a deliciously sweet cup.

Explorers, you’re treated to their Microlot Tome single origin from Ethiopia, Guji, Uraga. Dried strawberry, mango, apricot and blueberry fruity flavours ooze from this naturally processed heirloom varietal.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Microlot Konyu AA from Kenya, Kirinyaga. Grown at 1700 – 1900 MASL, this washed coffee yields citrus, hibiscus, caster sugar flavours with and delightful yellow tomato sweetness.

Explorers, get a taste of their Sao Boa microlot produced by the Ferraz Brothers in Brazil, Mantiqueira de Minas, Fazenda Sao Boa Vista. This Bourbon, Catucai and Icatu varietal carries delightful flavours of nectarine, pineapple, boiled sweets and pomegranate.


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