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Posted By admin, April 05,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – April 2017

It’s April, and coffee by our friends Zest Specialty Coffee will be arriving at your door in no time. A standout favourite when we featured them last, our members couldn’t stop raving about their epic coffee so we thought them worthy of a call back… We’re thrilled to have the Z-team back again a year on!

Having established their business in 2008 from a passion for creating impeccable coffee, the Zest team led by brothers Rod and Anton Greenfield have been guided by the three elements denoted by the term “Zest”; energy, passion and flavour.

Together with their creative director Rob McDonald and their champion head roaster James Craig, they approach coffee as a combination of art and science, manipulating and sculpting the raw coffee materials to create a unique and engaging final product.

The team are acutely aware of the essential relationships which makes the coffee world go round and value the importance of healthy interconnectedness between the growers, roasters, baristas and drinkers that make up the coffee supply chain.

In recognition of this, they’ve established the PNG Coffee Project as well as getting involved with the Permata Gayo Cooperative in Aceh, Sumatra. These social initiatives provide support and education to local producers and smallholders to assist in the success of their businesses.

Additionally, their Champion Roaster, James Craig, is highly commended by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) – a non-profit organisation, aimed at improving the quality of coffee around the world, and helping better the lives of those who produce it. To top that off, his coffee even won the RASV Australian International Coffee in 2014 and 2015.

But with their success over the years, the team remains grounded (no pun intended) in their mission. They know that with every great roaster comes a loyal and supportive following, and the Z-team know only too well that each customer is unique; particularly when it comes to tastes and desires. And to this day, they not only want to share the experience of tasting amazing coffee, but for the public to experience the passion of tasting it too.

This delivers on their quest to design exceptional coffee experiences. They recognise the benefits of constantly evolving, to design coffees that brew flavour beyond expectation. They’re guided by their goal to make ‘raving fans’ from every cup of Zest consumed, making what can be a complex coffee experience approachable for all. And this a goal we’re only too happy to assist with!


Espresso + Filter drinkers

You lucky lot will both get a chance to try some of the best Zest have to offer this month. Both our Espresso and Filter members will get to sample their new microlots; starting with the Hunkute from Ethiopia, produced by a group of smallholders in Ethiopia. Cultivated at high altitudes, this local heirloom varietal carries notes of apricot, citrus, florals and honey sweetness.

We’re also featuring their El Salvador Patagonia microlot, hailing from the Salinas Family farm. This Bourbon + Pacas varietal is cultivated at 1250 metres above sea level. Taste notes of passionfruit, lime, plum and be surprised by the nostalgic flavours of Sarsaparilla – Everyones’ favourite drink growing up has found it’s way into everyone’s favourite grown up drink! Fancy that.


How do you find Zest Specialty Coffee’s offerings this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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Find out more about this month’s roaster at


Fine establishments serving Zest Specialty Coffee near you:


Fordham’s Milk Bar, Camberwell |

Percy’s Aeroplane, Kew |

Harvest Blend, Camberwell |

White Mojo, Balwyn |

Liason, Melbourne |


See for a full list, or head on over to their webshop to get more Zest action.

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