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Vertue Coffee Roasters, here to remind us of the benefits of this liquid gold.

Posted By admin, April 07,2018, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – APRIL 2018

We’re excited to be welcoming back Vertue Coffee Roasters for round #2, this time, sporting a brand new look.

Founded by Mike Cracknell and joined by Ciaran Ardren as partner and head roaster, they began operations in early 2015. Three years later, they’re kicking on strong expanding their team to include the support of Giovanni, Marcel, Amy and Kat.

Curiously, their name was inspired by a 1652 handbill, written and distributed in London, titled ‘The Vertue of the Coffee Drink’. This handbill outlined the various medicinal and other benefits that could be found by drinking coffee… and we can attest, they are all true!

When it comes to sourcing coffee, their approach is simple. Mike asserts “we look for the tastiest coffee, that has interest, traceability and results in a good deal for everyone along the way – farmer, roaster and barista inclusive. We are always searching for great coffee, and take joy in bringing this to our customers”.

The team are hyper fixated on bringing out the best in the bean. They are deeply aware that every bean, from every region, will demand an adjusted roast according to its size, density, processing, moisture, the desired flavour end result, and the intended brewing method. A copious amount of time is spent testing, tasting and refining their roasts to ensure nothing but the very best is offered to their customers.

They also pride themselves on offering a never ending wealth of information to their customers via their talented team who are always on hand to offer advice on choosing the correct bean, through to recommended brewing method.

Now over to let their coffee do all the talking…


Enjoy our picks by Vertue Coffee Roasters this month:

Espresso drinkers

Espresso drinkers, you’re tasting their Sabertooth blend. This delicious blend is designed to be a crowd pleaser with a little hint of complexity. A brighter, sweeter Colombian coffee forms the sweetness and balance, a Brazilian provides body and chocolate to cut-through, and a couple of Ethiopian coffees bring a lift of acidity which emphasises the spicy and sweet characters in the other coffees. Taste peanut brittle, toffee, milk chocolate, sweet apricot and orange, with a spicy, smooth finish.

Explorers, you’re also tasting their Dark Side blend. This moreish blend is designed to give a rich, full-flavoured coffee, without the bitterness or nasty aftertaste often associated with such blends. The Rwanda Mabaro Microlot offers macerated fruit, thick juiciness, and a distinct cherry taste throughout this blend. This is complemented and lengthened by a combination of a supremo and high grown Brazilian, also emphasising a rich chocolate aspect. Taste dark chocolate, cherry ripe, muscatel, caramel and papaya flavours.

Filter Drinkers

Filter drinkers, you’re tasting their Guatemala Renacimiento. They tell us this is one of their most coveted beans, which has a great story behind it too. Renacimiento Co-Op has 68 female members who work together to cultivate and share fertiliser using resources from their farms, and are taught how to use the program to achieve the best results. Taste toffee, creamy apricot, strawberry jam and orange marmalade from this Fair Trade & Organic Certified coffee.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Rwanda Mabaro microlot. Produced in the Karengera Valley in the Nyamasheke district of Rwanda, this coffee was processed at the Mabaro Washing Station, which has produced multiple finalists for the Cup of Excellence. Hand picked, hand sorted, pulped and dried, this coffee has seen the best of care to ensure a perfect result in the cup. Taste red apple, hibiscus, dried fig, with a jaffa finish. Splendid!


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Stay caffeinated.

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