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Vacation Coffee Roasters, making everyday feel like a vacay!

Posted By admin, July 09,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – JULY 2019

Just when you find yourself in the depth of yet another miserable winter, along comes some much needed sunny (and warming) reprieve. Introducing Vacation Coffee Roasters, ready to bestow upon you that vacay feeling we know you’re all pining for!

Vacation is a collaboration between brothers Matt and Kael Sahely, who have some iconic Melbourne cafe institutions under their belt including Richmond’s mainstay Pillar of Salt and sprawling Touchwood; Northcote’s local favourite Barry; BAWA in Hawthorn and East Melbourne’s Square and Compass – so you can bet they know a thing or two about good coffee.

They’re joined by co-founders and head of coffee operations Jimmy Tjoeng – responsible for roasting, brewing and quality control; and operations manager and sometimes delivery driver Julian Bedford. This founding team is also joined by head barista and production roaster Fran Lee.

Starting out life roasting coffee (out of co-roasting space Bureaux Collective) to service cafes with a high quality and personalised coffee supply, this quickly evolved to an eponymous espresso bar in Melbourne’s CBD as a platform to showcase their creations.

Balancing a focus on quality and fun, Vacation are set on serving high quality coffee without taking themselves too seriously, and are ever adjusting their coffee offering to be the best it can be. “We are a small but dedicated team who lets nothing slip through the cracks.”

How did the their name come about? “We were looking for a name that resonated with our values of serving coffee in a fun and light hearted atmosphere, with a focus on quality, but not on stuffy and restrictive ideals.” The name is perfectly fitting with their bright and airy cafe space, as is their relaxed tropical iconography.

So what does a great cup of coffee taste like to the Vacation team? “Like a hug in a mug – balanced, pleasant acidity, syrupy mouthfeel and very more-ish.”

And if they weren’t in coffee game? They’d be on a vacation no less, “We’d be kicking back sipping a coffee at the beach – surfing, doing crosswords and sipping more coffee.” True to living by their brand values indeed, even during play 😉

We hope you enjoy their exciting coffee on offer this month:

Espresso drinkers

Vacation have treated you to some of their current favourite single origin coffees this month. Taste their Colombia Gran Galope, this washed coffee of Castillo, Caturra, Colombia varietal. With nectarine, chocolate, caramel flavours, this makes for a sweet cup which is every bit enjoyable.

Explorers, you’ll also get to taste their Peru Cajamarca Chirinos. This washed Catimor, Caturra, Costa Rica, Typica and Bourbon varietal yields flavours of cacao nibs, poached pear and cinnamon deliciousness.

Filter Drinkers

This month, our filter drinkers are also lucky enough to get a taste of Vacation’s Peru Cajamarca Chirinos roasted to a lighter filter profile. Cacao nibs, poached pear and cinnamon make up this delightfully balanced cup.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Colombia Bella Vista. With a flavour profile of chocolate, berries, and toffee sweetness… it’s the stuff of dreams!


How are you enjoying Vacation Coffee Roasters’ picks this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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Fine establishments serving Vacation Coffee Roasters near you:



Vacation espresso bar, Melbourne |

Square & Compass, East Melbourne |

Cafe Louis, Fitzroy |

Lobbs, Brunswick |

Amma’s Pantry, Footscray |

Northside Bouldering Gyms, Abbotsford / Northcote / Brunswick |


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