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The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, bringing excitement back to Melbourne’s coffee heartland.

Posted By admin, October 30,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – NOVEMBER 2016

Venture “off-piste” enough in Melbourne’s coffee heartland of Carlton, and you may very well find yourself amidst the energy and buzz of the home of our November roaster, The Vertue of the Coffee Drink. Nestled deep in the alleyway of Raffa place, tucked away from the speed of life, the team are free to experiment away in their cafe roastery to create superb and wondrous coffee.

Founded by Mike Cracknell, and soon joined by Ciaran Ardren coming on board as a partner and head roaster, the team began operations in early 2015 after an number of unanticipated setbacks caused for a prolonged delay. Lucky for us, nothing could stand in the way of team’s determination for too long, and so became the beginnings of Vertue’s story.

The team have a very simple coffee philosophy – create superb coffee from the best green beans available, and serve it with utmost care and respect. They try not to take too much of a stance on the right or wrong way to go about things, appreciating that coffee can be roasted, prepared and drunk in many different ways. “We prefer instead to keep an open mind, treat each bean as something a little special, and encourage experimentation and new ideas to better ourselves each day”. This approach is no doubt a refreshingly welcome addition to the abundance of traditionally dark roasted coffee found in their Lygon Street Carlton neighbourhood – Melbourne’s Little Italy.

Constantly honing their technique in all things coffee, the team take a rather democratic approach to sharing their coffee knowledge, viewing any contribution which furthers the coffee industry as a whole – as a win for all. And we couldn’t agree more.

As for their name, they took their inspiration from a 1652 handbill which may well be the first advertisement for coffee in England, which outlines ‘The Vertue of the Coffee Drink’ – seemed only too appropriate to describe their pursuit of coffee excellence.

So what lays ahead for our coffee heroes? “We are endeavouring to spend more time at origin in the future to ensure we are getting the tastiest coffees we can, and to improve our relationships with our farmers”. Seems like an honourable aspiration to us, and one which we can only imagine will improve the appreciation and quality of their end creations.

To sum up their coffee mission, “We want more people to be drinking our coffee at their home or office; as life is too short for bad coffee”! Hear, hear.


Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting the Sabertooth – Vertue’s original blend. This one’s a crowd pleaser – easy on the palate with a little hint of complexity. A brighter, sweeter Colombian coffee forms the sweetness and balance; and the Brazilian adds body and chocolate flavours to cut through milk. Add to that an Ethiopian to bring a lift of acidity and to highlight the spicy and sweet characters in the other coffees. Expect sweetness of peanut brittle, toffee, milk chocolate, sweet apricot and orange, ending on a spicy finish.

Explorers, taste the flavours of the Summer Blend – a seasonal blend which showcases amazing in-season coffees that go brilliantly together. Fresh and seasonal, expect notes of tangerine, lemon and green apple acidity, blackcurrant cordial, maple syrup and ginger biscuit.


Filter drinkers

You’re tasting their Colombia La Pradera Microlot – a very tasty coffee which shines no matter which way you have it, but it presents something pretty special as a filter coffee. Expect flavours of juicy berry, soft plum, peachy stonefruit, melon, toffee sweetness, pear, and light jasmine cumulating in an almond finish.

Explorers, you get to taste one of Vertue’s very own favourites – the Burundi Nzoyiyago Microlot. From the Nzoyiyago Co-operative in the North Kayanza Province; mixed Bourbon & Jackson varietals and is an amazing example of how good Burundi coffee can get. Expect a bright, delicate, and well balanced cup exuding soft blackberry acidity and juicy body with a long creamy hazelnut malt finish.


Stay caffeinated.

Team No-BS

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For a bite and some good vibes, visit their Roastery and Kitchen:
The Vertue of the Coffee Drink
8 Raffa Place
Carlton, Victoria 3053


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