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Posted By admin, June 01,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – JUNE 2017

June brings about the exciting debut feature of The Bean Cartel Origin Coffee Roasters. Originally from South Australia, the team landed in Victoria nine years ago as their keen affection for coffee led them to sell up their existing businesses to answer the beckoning call of Melbourne’s alluring coffee roasting circuit.

Dipping their toe in the market, they learnt Victoria’s coffee scene by cutting their teeth supplying the corporate sector. After a period of growing their business organically, they eventually made the exciting leap towards wholesale coffee supply. “At first this was very challenging, however the response we received for our coffee encouraged us to make the quantum shift towards wholesale and cafe supply”.

The team are; master roaster Jim Baruta – backbone of the roasting process and recent inductee of the Golden Bean roasting hall of fame; Riccardo Di Amilla – sales manager, head trainer and the face of The Bean Cartel (there he is down below doing what he does best!); and Stacy Visser – self-professed jack of all trades across blending, quality control, green bean sourcing and the marketing and product innovation side of the business.

As for the genesis of their name, Stacy explains “The Bean Cartel came after I read the book “Killing Pablo”. I found the growth of the Colombian drug cartels very interesting even if a little disturbing and thought maybe one day we might achieve “cartel dominance” in the coffee marketplace… who knows, I can only dream”. Legit aspirations we say.

Together the guys are driven by their origin roasting focus – where their approach is to origin roast, then post blend. Despite the lengthier end-to-end process, they insist this is the only way to derive the best flavours from each and every origin. They guarantee that origin roasting and post blending with the aid of their trusty computer-controlled Brambati roaster allows them to achieve the most consistent coffees from batch to batch, roast to roast.

And as if that’s not enough to set them apart from other coffee roasters, the guys are about to set off on another exciting venture, signing the rights for Instagram sensation, Coffee in a Cone in Victoria and South Australia. Intrigued? Head on over to to be enlightened!

In the meantime, get a whiff of their exciting picks for you this month:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting the El Jefe – strong enough to cut through milk yet not too bold makes it one of their most popular blends. Taste caramel, nutty, and honey flavours. All in all, a well balanced coffee great for espresso and milk based drinks.

For Explorers, the Artillero Espresso blend is a bold, robust coffee loaded with sweet nutty flavours. Blended with the best of South and Central American beans, this coffee yields tantalising notes of caramel, toffee, and hazelnut with a hint of blackberry.

Filter Drinkers

Taste their delicious Supremo filter blend. This combination of traditional South American coffees and exotic Asian coffees makes for soft chocolate notes with a complex buttery aftertaste. Cuts well through milk and even better enjoyed on its own as an espresso or long black.

Explorers, the Organico RFA is a medium bodied coffee with moderate acidity. Combing the finest A grade beans from Asia, South and Central America – this coffee is aromatically complex yielding peach and maple syrup flavours, with a smooth nougat finish. To be enjoyed any time of the day.


How do you find The Bean Cartel Origin Coffee Roasters’ coffees picks this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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The Bean Cartel Origin Coffee Roasters cafe Armadale

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The Bean Cartel Origin Coffee Roasters cafe Riccardo

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The Bean Cartel Origin Coffee Roasters coffee machine

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Fine establishments serving coffee by The Bean Cartel near you:


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The Fair Trader, Melbourne |

Street Kitchen Co., Docklands |

Stop 17, Fitzroy |

Veludo, St Kilda |

Uncle Bart, Black Rock |

Via Boffe, Mornington |


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