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Coffee Syphon and burner

Syphon Coffee Made Easy

Posted By admin, April 28,2014, in Equipment, Guide

The Syphon is capable of brewing a perfect cup of coffee, but the process can be a little more involved than other methods and at first glance, you’d be forgiven for assuming it belonged in a Lab. That said, you can’t call yourself a true caffeine geek if you haven’t tried to brew a cup from a Syphon; everyone needs to break bad on occasion.

The Syphon can be argued as the best coffee maker on the market as it let’s you control both temperature and brew time. If you think about most other methods – take the Aeropress or Plunger – it’s near impossible to maintain a consistent temperature. Unfortunately, being able to control this extra variable also allows you to mess it up much easier.

The following infographic is a great starting point for all beginners, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be enjoying a perfect cup every time.

The only missing ingredient? Some epic coffee, get started Here


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