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Syndicate Coffee Roasters, trailblazers at the forefront of coffee sustainability.

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Featured roaster – JULY 2018

This month we welcome back Syndicate Coffee Roasters, produced by the same people behind Clark St Coffee. The team led by founder Melissa Floreani and General Manager Tom Ervin-Ward drive a focus on sustainability, quality, consistency and flavour profiles that meet the demands of the everyday drinker.

Their name is inspired by the co-operative nature of the world of coffee. Since 2010, everyone from coffee producers to the end customer who drinks their coffee everyday have all been part of the collaborative journey of Syndicate Coffee, and this is something which they’re keen to celebrate.

The team take a sustainable approach to coffee sourcing, working with coffee producers and import partners to source coffee that is high quality, sustainable, traceable and are defining examples of origin and process.

Head of Coffee Timothy Crowley travels to origin yearly to meet with producers and import partners where he secures contracts on coffees that meet their standards of quality and sustainability, key to their sourcing strategy. These selections are put before their Melbourne production team where their panel make the final selection for their sustainable espresso blends and single origin coffees.

Syndicate Coffee’s approach to roasting combines sensory analysis with scientific approaches to produce coffee that reflects the quality and hard work of the producer. Led by Head Roaster, Killian Blumstein-Jones, they work to achieve a roast development for each coffee that delivers the balance of sweetness, acidity, body and clarity of flavour, highlighting the potential of each coffee.

Since 2013 they have been awarded 35 medals in Australian and International coffee competitions for their coffee, including 10 medals for their Espresso Syndicate sustainable blend.

They were also the first fresh coffee roaster in Australia to bring the fully compostable, high barrier coffee packaging from Convex to market back in 2010.


It’s in these plastic-free coffee bags which bring you this month’s coffee picks:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their Kingpin Sustainable Espresso. Sourced from high quality, sustainable farms in Brazil and Colombia from origin partners like Tuca Dias from Fazenda Santa Alina in Brazil, who value high quality and sustainable coffee production. Taste toffee, cocoa and red apple flavours from this bold, full bodied and smooth cup.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Espresso Syndicate Sustainable Espresso flagship blend. Sourced from high quality and sustainable farms year after year, this award winning blend maintains a consistent flavour profile all year round. Featuring Brazil Fazenda Santa Alina, Ethiopia Mormora, Colombia Matambo and Nicaragua El Rosario. Taste nuts, caramel and complex fruits from this diverse cup.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Colombia Andino Especial single origin. A collective of seven small producers across Bruselas, Pitalito, Huila contribute to this coffee lot. There are a multitude of microclimates in this region due to the interaction of the mountain ranges, the pacific, the Amazon and major rivers, with the microclimate in Bruselas responsible for the unique and complex character of this coffee. The end cup is vibrant, marked by orange, lime and mango flavours.

Explorers, taste their Colombia La Piramide single origin. This multi-farmer microlot from Asorcafe showcases the excellent growing conditions of the Macizo Colombiano where high altitude, rich volcanic soil and stable climate all year round contributes to the complexity of the coffee. This producer association representing coffee producers of Inzá in the mountainous Cauca region of Colombia. They provide education, training and support to the small producers, connecting them with international specialty coffee buyers who are seeking quality and traceability. Over 400 members strong, the association provides a way for producers to receive higher prices and recognition for the efforts making specialty coffee production more sustainable. Taste intense, orange, mango, and toffee from this cup.


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Stay caffeinated.

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Fine establishments serving Syndicate Coffee Roasters near you:



Parker Coffee & Food, Hawthorn East |

Sally’s Kitchen, Melbourne |

Grigons & Orr Corner Store, North Melbourne |

Chew Chew Café, Moonee Ponds |

Arboretum Kitchen & Pantry, Caulfield South |

Power Plant Café, Templestowe |

Yarra Valley Dairy, Coldstream |


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