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Syndicate Coffee Roasters, an awe-inspiring passion for coffee and sustainability.

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Featured roaster – JULY 2017

From their wholesale roastery in the premier roasting precinct of Richmond to their new Hawthorn East café Parker Coffee & Food, Syndicate Coffee has continued to define sustainability in specialty coffee since their beginnings as Espresso Syndicate in 2010. Syndicate Coffee was the first specialty roaster in Australia to use high barrier, fully compostable packaging that keeps coffee fresher, is environmentally friendly and plastic free.

With this feature, they are introducing the Syndicate Coffee name with a new eye catching bag design and the innovations of fully compostable zip closure. Starting with Espresso Syndicate, their iconic sustainable espresso blend, and building upon their ongoing direct relationships at origin, this launch of Syndicate Coffee marks the expansion of the brand to reflect the addition of espresso and filter single origins and continued innovations in sustainability. “It was the natural progression of Espresso Syndicate to add high quality, sustainable single origin coffees to the line up and become Syndicate Coffee.

Owner Melissa Floreani explains “Espresso Syndicate remains our signature blend, which is much loved by the market. We made a conscious decision to stay ahead of consumer expectations by improving the quality of coffees we use, how we roast and how we source. Transparency and traceability are key to sustainability.”

“The café and coffee industry in Australia is moving incredibly fast – and we sometimes don’t see it when we are working so hard in the middle of it”. That’s where they come in as a wholesale partner, with their extensive experience and industry knowledge. Their Training and Education Program is key in imparting this knowledge and building the skills of baristas and café owners. Head of Training Tom Ervin-Ward explains, “We work with them to exceed customer expectations by consistently delivering high quality coffees that are defining examples of origin and process – and doing so with the understanding that quality is integral to a profitable and sustainable business”.

Syndicate Coffee’s decision to engage in sourcing their coffee at origin has developed ongoing relationships like that with Fazenda Santa Alina in Brazil. Head of Coffee Tom Crowley explains, “We have been working with farmer Tuca Diasat Fazenda Santa Alina since 2013. Her fantastic coffees area key component in Espresso Syndicate. The focus on quality in growing and processing goes hand in hand with their sustainable practices. Her engagement with the workers and their families in the region through education and social outcomes make Fazenda Santa Alina a fantastic example of an engaged, sustainable producer.”


This month, they’re offering up coffees from new direct relationships:

Espresso drinkers

Taste their flagship blend, Espresso Syndicate. Sourced from high quality & sustainable farms year after year, this coffee maintains a consistent flavour profile all year round. A harmonious mix of Brazil Fazenda Santa Alina, Ethiopia Mormora, Colombia Gigante, Nicaragua Las Brisas and Guatemala Nuevo Oriente offer nut, caramel and complex fruit flavours.

Explorers, you’re tasting their Colombia Omari Botina from Finca Granadillo in Colombia. This coffee was selected from the Tour de Pasto Quality Competition in Colombia. Producers are rewarded with higher prices for the considerable effort that goes into producing these high quality coffees. Producer Omari Botina has just half a hectare planted with coffee on his farm, Finca Granadillo. The pursuit of quality makes a positive difference to his family’s income and the sustainability of his farm. Taste syrup, key lime pie and butterscotch flavours from this Caturra Castillo variety.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Colombia Jesus Morales. This coffee was selected from the Tour de Pasto Quality Competition in Colombia. This competition presents exceptional coffees from small producers and rewards this quality with prices many time higher than the C price. Producer Jesus Morales has one hectare planted with coffee on this farm Finca Piedra Grande. His use of plantain and guamo shade trees increase farm biodiversty and plant health. Taste silky flavours of fig, star anise and redskins.

Explorers, sink your tastebuds into their Ethiopia Werka, processed at the Werka Coffee Washing Station in Sidama, Ethiopia which is used by around 800 producers to process their coffee cherry. Producers grow coffee alongside other crops like corn and false banana – a typical farming model. This results in a more sustainable ecosystem where plants support the health and growth of other plants whilst providing food security and a greater diversity in income for farming families. Taste sweet earl grey, lemon blossom and blackberry flavours from this mixed heirloom variety.


How do you find Syndicate Coffee’s picks this month?


Stay caffeinated.


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