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Symmetry Coffee Roasters, a highly evolved version of their former self.

Posted By admin, January 03,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – JANUARY 2017

Our debut roaster ringing in 2017 for us is Symmetry Coffee Roasters, roasting out of Canterbury in Melbourne’s east. Founded by coffee veterans Andrew and Samantha Lew of The Maling Room fame, the brand was borne from their shared passion for coffee, bringing to life their pursuit of perfection and consistency in this new venture titled Symmetry. Andrew explains the name aptly describes the perfection, equality, fairness and balance they strive for in all things they approach – from coffee procurement and their relationships with farmers to customer relations.

Until recently, Symmetry had been roasting coffee under The Maling Room banner, where the “Symmetry” brand actually began life as their flagship blend, already enjoyed by many – including regulars of The Maling Room cafe, based out of the heritage-listed former postal office on Canterbury’s high street. Their independence from The Maling Room title has since allowed them to explore and develop their own identity as a roaster in their own right allowing them to take an highly experimental approach to coffee creation.

“Our drive and passion for coffee means that we are continuously learning about every aspect of coffee. For us, the journey is about connecting with people, building relationships, doing the little things and paying respect to those in the production chain that have worked so hard for that cup of goodness.”

Through Symmetry, they seek to showcase their high skill of roasting – always adapting to new blends, changing conditions and doing so without taking any shortcuts. But ultimately, their focus is on representing the farmer and showcasing their product.

Their vision is to produce exceptional and sustainable coffee that demands a higher standard of living for farmers and their communities, where their ingrained belief is that it all starts with the farmer. They work closely with them to help improve their lifestyle and invest in their livelihood, believing that coffee can only get better if farmers get better.

When it comes to their wholesale customers, the team prides themselves on their level of support and personal service. Having run successful cafes for the past 15 years, their expertise goes beyond being a coffee supplier – preferring to act as a business mentors by even personally delivering their coffee to cafes themselves. This level of service offers the benefit of seeing firsthand how their coffee is being used and more importantly enjoyed by customers.

Andrew indicates that this part of the job is most satisfying, “I enjoy watching customers drink our coffee! It’s about connecting with people that come in touch with our coffee. As the owner, you need to drink it, see others work with it, drink it. It’s about doing the little things, not just cupping and profiling, it’s about giving respect to those in the production chain that have worked hard for. There is nothing more satisfying than to be personally involved in the journey of our coffee and to pass on our customers feedback to the farmers. It is an emotionally charged conversation to let a farmer know how much people love their coffee.”

So good is their coffee that they were named the ‘Best Boutique Roaster of the Year’ by The Age Good Cafe Guide in 2013. And chin-chin to that. Here’s to more accolades realised in the new year!

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Our picks for you this month:


Espresso drinkers

Taste their award winning Black Mamba blend – a particular favourite among baristas. This harmonious mix of Honduras Barrios, Ethiopia Sidamo and Brazil Bom Jesus beans offers a syrupy body, sweet and long aftertaste which brings out chocolate, caramel, juicy plum and apricot notes.

Explorers, get your hands all over their Brazil Sao Silverstre Peaberry. This yellow Catuai, variety yields a delicate jasmine aroma with notes of red fruits. Sweet milk chocolate and honey caramel biscuit flavours round off this delightful cup.


Filter drinkers

Taste their Costa Rica El Conquistador single origin. This washed Caturra Catuai varietal from the Dota Tarrazu region makes for a soft delicate cup with overt milk chocolate flavours and crisp citrus acidity. Full bodied with a silky texture follows through to a rich pecan finish.

Explorers, you’re tasting their Ethiopia Guji Natural. This vibrant cup is full of crisp acidity, featuring notes of blueberry, hazelnut and chocolate. A delicate balance of sticky toffee and gingerbread sweet spice offers a lasting finish full of lip smacking goodness.


Stay caffeinated.

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