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Posted By admin, May 05,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – May 2016

For our final instalment of our Autumn roaster series, our closing act is none other than the reverent Promised Land Coffee – helmed by the ever gung-ho Mr Jonathon Sciola.

Undisputed coffee aficionado Jonathon founded Promised Land Coffee in 2014 after years refining his coffee craft with Melbourne’s revered St ALi family. Off this experience, Jon knew he wanted to take what he’d learnt about consistent, objective coffee to create a new business model which democratised specialty coffee for everybody to enjoy. Promised Land Coffee offered to be that vehicle which aspires to bring specialty coffee beyond the cafe, and into workplaces and other spaces where coffee and excellence are not often synonymous.

Together with his wife Erin, the team are in hot pursuit of quality and quite simply put; better coffee. Historically and metaphorically, a “promised land” suggests a journey to a place where everything is better than what we’ve experienced to date. And this gives rise to their name, where in the Promised Land of coffee, the flavours are bigger, bolder, better and the boundaries are always challenged, just waiting to be pushed further.

Setting them apart from other roasters is their eagerness to constantly innovate and explore, where on top of their sumptuous blends and filter roasts, they also offer a unique batch brew delivery service, where the team brew and deliver three litre airpots of filter coffee to cafes daily, enabling them to add the highest quality batch brew coffee to their menu without the need for costly world-leading equipment.

Undoubtedly the most enthusiastic and lively roaster we’ve ever come across, Jon asserts a great coffee is one which is clean and pure, and takes you beyond the flavours to a place of satisfaction where you know you are enjoying something sublime. And seeing the eyes of non-coffee-enthusiasts light up when they taste nuanced filter coffee for the first time really gets them going!

So it’s no surprise that they cite people as the principal inspiration of their coffee creations – striving to create blends that baristas and customers alike will adore.


Espresso drinkers

The Hawk Seasonal Espresso Blend is a happy marriage between Honduras and Colombian beans. The citrus-heavy Honduras is medium bodied and sweet, balanced out by the stone fruit and berry flavours of the Colombia Guayata with and a very long cocoa finish. The result is a sweet hazelnut praline leading to stewed apricot acidity and lingering toffee.

Explorers, be spoiled with the Colombia Finca La Loma single origin. This Catura varietal was grown by farmer Antonia Zuniga, sourced in conjunction with none other than the 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic. This cup emanates flavours of dark berries and chocolate, stone fruit acidity, with a lasting creamy mouth-feel.


Filter drinkers

Prepare to be treated to what Promised Land do best – starting off with the Kenya of Lyego Ward in the Murang’a District. This single origin makes for a balanced and clean cup with maple syrup sweetness, lime and lemon zest acidity topped with a long butterscotch finish.

Explorers, the Rwanda Rushasi cultivated on the Ngoma Microlot is yours. This Bourbon varietal which has undergone the washed process exudes honey and cocoa flavours with crisp green apple acidity and a creamy mouth-feel.


What you think about Promised Land’s creations?


Stay caffeinated.

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