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Plantation Specialty Coffee, heroing spectacular coffee in Melbourne’s mainstream.

Posted By admin, September 02,2015, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – September 2015

As we throw our arms open to embrace Spring’s warmer weather, we welcome with it Plantation Specialty Coffee as our September featured roaster – brought to you by our friends at Melbourne’s coffee mecca St ALi (we’re thinking that there must be something in the water there as they’re on to yet another winner!).

Plantation are in hot pursuit to provide experiential coffee encounters to customers, baristas and the wider coffee-doting community. They aim to do this by leveraging their years of accumulated knowledge and expertise to arm us with the understanding, knowledge and skill to empower us to create and appreciate our own coffee experiences.

Their mission to educate and inspire interest and exploration of specialty coffee led to the opening of their flagship outlet in the heart of one of Melbourne’s largest retail precincts – Melbourne Central. This location appropriately positions them to amplify the profile of specialty coffee by showcasing their highest quality offering front and centre to the curiosity of office workers, tourists, commuters, not to mention Melbourne’s large student population who run this city.

Plantation are utterly dedicated to sourcing, roasting and creating exceptional coffee, where all their coffees are ethically sourced to pass the best possible price onto the farmers – and in turn affording them access to product of the highest quality.

The whole idea is to convert the world into avid coffee appreciators (and enthusiasts even); one person at a time by making great coffee even more accessible. And we’re right with them to achieve this – starting of course with our No-BS members…

Espresso drinkers

We’ve got their signature Reserve 001 blend which is made up of the best coffees available during the season. This batch yields a cup full of fruity richness carrying over to an elegant body and ending in a cocoa finish that lingers.
Explorers, also get to try the Colombia single origin. This region’s abundance of rich fertile volcanic soils and prime weather conditions helps produce some of the world’s most prized Arabica coffees. This coffee brings you rich bittersweet cocoa and notes of soft dark plum and dark cherry flavours sure to delight your tastebuds.

Filter drinkers

You’ve lucked out with two superb South American single origins on offer this month. The Brazil is an elegant medium strength coffee which seduces you with a soft sweet praline taste, red fruit, berry acidity and buttery body with a dark chocolate finish. Explorer’s also get to experience the Colombian which we’re also featuring for Espresso (see tasting notes above!), roasted to a lighter profile to be enjoyed as a filter brew.

Now tell us what you think… did Plantation hit the spot for you this month?

Stay caffeinated

Plantation specialty coffee Ben Morrow pour

Plantation specialty coffee Ben Morrow

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