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Featured roaster – April 2015

Another month, another dedicated roaster to encounter. This month’s honourable roaster has been on our radar since we first embarked on the heady undertaking to find the best coffee Melbourne has to offer – one which would not be complete without Padre Coffee Roasters, of Brunswick in Melbourne’s north – the unofficial, yet widely acknowledged coffee hub of this great city.

Padre has well established itself as a force in Melbourne’s caffeine-scene since its debut as a two-man show back in 2007 as the Brunswick East Project – with a mission to make coffee worth getting out of bed for. These humble beginnings have since spawned outposts at South Melbourne Markets, and more recently Queen Victoria Market to keep up with the growing demand for their much sought after coffee.

Recognised as a key contender for the Melbourne specialty coffee crown, Padre have made their mark as an authority in this space, impassioned to roast exceptional coffee – put down quite simply to the love of making coffee to those so inclined to drink it… Reason enough we think!

Their focus is on roasting extensively sourced premium single origin and blended coffee beans from passionate growers and traders from afar, who practice ethical and sustainable production at their heart. In roasting, they are forever finessing their craft – tweaking the conditions of temperature, roast time, and air-flow to extract the best of their beans’ full flavour profile, with a rigorous cupping and tasting regime to follow. This relentless dedication in their pursuit for caffeine perfection led their South Melbourne Market outpost to earn the accolade of ‘Best Coffee Award’ by Melbourne Market Awards not once, but twice. How’s that for coffee cred?

We’ve had our eyes on Padre since they first begun making waves in the local specialty coffee scene, now it’s over to you to pass your verdict:

Espresso drinkers

Enjoy their classic Seasonal blend from beans of widespread origins stretching from South America to Africa to India and Colombia. This rich and full-bodied blend harnesses sweetness in flavours of malt and toffee and even toast! This diversity in origins makes for a versatile brew, which is even easily enjoyed as a filter as it is as an espresso-based drink. Also install for Explorers is the India single origin cultivated at the Kelagur Heights estate. This premium arabica shade grown variety yields hazelnut and berry notes making for a clean and complex cup.

Filter drinkers

Enjoy the Hey Buddy blend this month, derived from blending premium Indian and Ethiopian beans. This blend is characterised with sweet notes of strawberry jam and hazelnut, with a lingering milk chocolate finish. For the Explorers, we’re also featuring the India single origin roasted specially for our filter lovers, carrying a delicate body and berry acidity – standing on its own to deliver a clean crisp cup.

We can’t wait for you to lay your hands on Padre’s coffee, this moment is too long overdue.

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