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Motobean Coffee Roasters, where cycles and caffeine go hand in hand.

Posted By admin, February 14,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – FEBRUARY 2019

Thoughts of specialty coffee doesn’t usually conjure up images of motorbikes cruising down an open highway. But for our February roaster Motobean Coffee Roasters, that’s exactly what gets them going – their passion for motorcycle culture is the perfect complement to their love for coffee and they wouldn’t have life any other way.

Initially roasting for their Malmsbury based cafe five years ago, specialty coffee in regional Victoria wasn’t even a thing yet. But being ahead of the curve paid off, as their wholesale arm very quickly exploded. Luckily husband and wife team Lachy and Laura Evans had the backup of some talented staff members who assist in meeting this unprecedented demand to build up Motobean Coffee Roasters to what it is today.

Their name is a nod to their other shared passion for custom built motorcycles, which you can find scattered side by side with their coffee throughout their cafe roastery. According to them, creating specialty coffee is just like building a motorcycle from the ground up, it’s an entirely hands on process.

Their attitude towards specialty coffee is that it needs to be approachable and accessible, “We believe that coffee needs to be an enjoyable experience and not an experience where you feel like you are being force educated in your drinking choices. With this in mind, our coffees are approachable, transparent and are not trying to be something that we are not.”

They also reckon that a good cup of coffee should always be sweet and palatable, believing that sweetness comes from a combination of great roasting and also great extraction from a barista.

In “taking bean to machine” the team believe that the green bean sourcing and roasting process need not only be transparent, but also ethical and of high quality, priding themselves on their relationships with both green suppliers at origin as well as wholesale partners.

And if they weren’t roasting impeccable coffee? You can bet they’d find themselves a job that would let them ride their motorbikes all day, every day.

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their Seasonal Blend, featuring three close relationship coffees giving notes of sticky toffee, caramel and wild berries making for a delightfully balanced cup. Always super enjoyable to put together, as it is an ever changing combination of the coffees that they really like at the time with people that they want to work with.

Explorers, you’re tasting Racer, their house blend comprised of Brazil Verventez pulp natural and a delicious coffee from Colombia Munchique Growers Association. Racer has bold notes of dark chocolate, cocoa and a long lingering toffee aftertaste.

Filter drinkers

You’re tasting their Burrundi Cafex Microlot, a natural processed microlot of exceptional quality, producing notes of boozy strawberries and sweet milk chocolate.

Explorers, you’re tasting their Ethiopia Chelicheli, a stunning washed coffee from the Chelicheli mill with notes of intense apricots, peaches and sticky toffee.
Stay caffeinated.
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