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Monochrome Coffee Co., socially minded coffee snobs out to change the world.

Posted By admin, September 11,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – SEPTEMBER 2019

Our September roaster Monochrome Coffee Co. is a social enterprise coffee company driven to make a social impact. In other words, they’re self-admitted coffee snobs with altruistic ambitions.

Prior to founding Monochrome Coffee Co., Whitney and Matt Teluk formed Monochrome International – a not-for-profit set up to run education projects in East Africa to transform developing communities through the education and empowerment of youth.

“Our vision is that young people around the world are empowered and enabled to lead bold social and environmental movements that transform the communities around them.”

Their venture into coffee came about when they recognised it as an opportunity to expand the reach of their impact, to make a difference to the coffee-producing communities through their trade relationships. Monochrome Coffee Co. educates, connects and mobilises people through the experience of coffee.

Their name denotes “many shades of one colour”, where they stand for great coffee that creates equality of opportunity for all people irrespective of the circumstances in which they were born.

For customers, they enable and inspire consumers to have a tangible impact on the global community by providing an access that is powerful and transparent. “Our profits are used to fund our education projects in East Africa. To date, we have funded 35,000 education days and run Empowering Parenting Seminars to 400+ parents.”

No surprises that the part of their job which gives them the most joy is seeing the difference they make to the communities they work with. So you can bet that if they weren’t in the coffee game, they’d love nothing better than to be running their social impact programs.

And it goes without saying that we are in absolute awe of their big-hearted ambitions. Their achievements are truly commendable and their story is nothing short of inspiring.

This month, Monochrome Coffee Co. has spoilt our espresso and filter members alike which includes some delicious single origins:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their signature Impact Blend featuring Peru Lima FairTrade Organic and Brazil Serra Negra coffee. Complex and tropical, this blend yields berry fruit flavours with a hint of chocolate. Enjoyable served black as well as with milk.

Explorers you’re treated to the same Burundi, Sehe Ntamba single origin as our filter drinkers this month, roasted to a darker profile. Taste almond butter, chamomile tea and stone fruit in this cup characterised by a creamy body, white sugar sweetness with an open finish.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting the Burundi, Sehe Ntamba single origin. Experience a creamy body, white sugar sweetness, almond butter, chamomile tea, and stone fruit flavours accompanied with fresh acidity from this lighter profile roast.

Explorers you’re also tasting their Ethiopia Sebo. This very floral single origin contains notes of jasmine, bergamot and apricot with red grapefruit, caramel and brown sugar flavours. It’s complex with big citric acidity and a delicate mouthfeel.


How are you enjoying the coffee by Monochrome Coffee Co. this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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Find out more about this month’s roaster and get more of their good stuff at Not only will you make a difference to your mornings (amazing!), but you’ll also make a difference to the lives of those who need it most (double amazing!!).


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