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Posted By admin, May 05,2018, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – MAY 2018

May brings us some fresh meat, introducing Methodist Coffee Roasters joining the No-BS Coffee stable of impeccable roasters. Founded in September 2017 by a mother and son duo (!), this family affair is only just beginning to take off…

Since the tender age of 15, Reuben Kindred has been steadily roasting coffee, and at the age of 21, received his Q cupping certification in Minneapolis. From Hobart, he landed in Melbourne to head up roasting at coffee institution Industry Beans until co-founding Methodist Coffee. Nikki Kindred’s career spans years of experience founding roasteries and project managing multiple cafes openings, including Oomph! Coffee, The Cupping Room, and Roastcraft Coffee.

Keen to define a modern take on roasting, the pair naturally teamed up and pooled their collective 17 years of coffee experience to offer their own unique style of roasting which captures the complexity of distinctive origins. You’ll find that their coffee seeks an equilibrium between traditional roasting which is approachable and their own drive to be experimental. At its core it’s balanced but it’s also different – something you haven’t tasted before.

To Reuben, a good cup of coffee is one that is balanced and unique, “every great coffee has a character trait that really shines above the rest. Finding that unique origin is undergone in the cupping process, where we taste as many different origins as we can, but only pick the best. The balance element has a lot to do with the mastery of the roasting process, tweaking the profile endlessly based on how it tastes – that’s the yin and yang of roasting.”

“The coffee that we make puts together a group of people that become part of a family – after all, that’s what we are too!” says Reuben, “by connecting the story from plantation to cup, we all become investors in their future. Like any family, you have to look after it”.

Thus they place a strong emphasis on traceability, making it their business to know exactly who it is that brings them the coffee. “We also value sustainability, knowing that the farmers and the earth itself aren’t being exploited” so that we can have good coffee for years to come”.

And some of that coffee is headed your way now…


Enjoy our picks by Methodist Coffee Roasters this month:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their Einstein blend. For their flagship blend, they wanted to make something that was different and exciting yet could be enjoyed by many. Comprising of the Guatemalan Huehuetenango Mam which gives it overall sweetness and body, the Honduran Liquid Ambar adds a vibrant fruit characteristic and lovely complexity, whilst the Rwandan Karaba A adds a touch more acidity and structure. Think stewed fruit, caramel, and raisin flavours from this balanced cup.

Explorers, you’re also tasting the Ethiopian Gajoma Grade 1. This origin is grown near the town Yergalem in the village of Shefina Kebele. As with many other Ethiopian coffees, this one is high in quinic acid, which adds to the complexity of the cup and helps give it a clean, polished finish. Think green apple, candied citrus, and poached pear flavours followed by a fantastic, lingering acidity.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Honduras Liquid Ambar – produced by Mary Nery, an experimentalist farmer in the San Marcos municipality of Western Honduras. The farm, which spans 56 hectares, is organically certified. Being a natural processed coffee it is smoother and sweeter with a thick body making it simply delicious to drink. The fruitiness of this coffee is outstanding and is a great example of a natural coffee. Think cherry, vanilla, orange blossom flavours.

Explorers, you also get the opportunity to taste their Ethiopian Gajoma Grade 1 which is also featuring as our espresso roast this month. Taste the same delicious flavours of green apple, candied citrus, and poached pear flavours, but with a much lighter and acidic taste profile.


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