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Maker Fine Coffee, hyper focussed on single origin excellence and versatility.

Posted By admin, November 05,2018, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – NOVEMBER 2018

After a too long hiatus since our last rendezvous, we’re stoked to welcome Maker Fine Coffee back into our arms and into the hands of our members. If it’s your first encounter with this enthusiastic bunch – good for you, you’re in for a treat!

Established in 2014, their name borrows from the ‘maker culture’, where modern technology is embraced to enhance a traditionally hands-on DIY approach to roasting and serving coffee. Just the way they like to create their own brand of specialty coffee.

After their first successful coffee foray with Ora Cafe in Melbourne’s leafy suburb of Kew, husband and wife duo John and Stephanie Vroom put their roasting hats on to give wholesale coffee roasting a go themselves. Lucky for them, John already had some serious coffee cred having spent time behind coffee machines at renown Melbourne coffee establishments Liar Liar and Proud Mary.

In his possession, he also has the 2011 Victorian Siphon Champion, and runner-up at the 2011 Australian Siphon Championship under his belt. John’s coffee and hospitality experience paired with wife Stephanie’s business management background nicely places this duo to successfully take Maker Fine Coffee to new heights!

Their roastery cum brew bar is nestled in the industrial back streets of Richmond which is quickly becoming a who’s-who of coffee roasters. Neighbouring with the likes of Clark St Coffee and Veneziano Coffee Roasters. This burgeoning community of like-minded coffee creators certainly helps to breed the high standard of specialty coffee Melbourne has so become accustomed to and is quite frankly spoilt with!

Being in this good company most certainly spurs them on to produce coffee which is second-to-none. Maker are obsessed about sourcing unique seasonal coffee from a single lot, versatile enough to work great served black, as well as being suitable as a milk-based drink. To find these rare gems requires extensive cupping by the team to find the coffee that stands up entirely on its own without the need to blend, believing that this approach truly allows the unique characteristics of the particular coffee to shine through.

And true to this philosophy of coffee enjoyed both ways, Espresso and Filter drinkers will be treated to the same single origin beans this month (roasted to their chosen preference of course!):

Espresso & Filter drinkers

Drinkers, you’re tasting their Waykan Huehuetenango from Guatemala. Waykan is a regional lot made up of 55 different communities across the municipalities. In the Maya Q’qnjobal dialect, “Waykan” means “star (or light) that shines in the sky at night.” This is a perfect example of coffees from the region of Huehue, which tend to be the most fruit-forward and can be the most complex of what Guatemala has to offer. Moderate to high altitudes, along with volcanic soils and a cooler climate are also key in making the region perfect for specialty coffee. This lot is rich and full in flavour. A vibrant acidity and notes of berries and red apple lead to rich almond and caramel on the finish.

Explorers, you’re also tasting their Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia. Kochere is southwest of the renowned town of Yirgacheffe, near the little village of Chelelektu. One of the beautiful things about Ethiopian coffees is the complete mix of varietals. It is estimated that between six to ten thousand naturally growing varietals are found in these highlands – creating a beautifully complex coffee. It’s no secret that Ethiopian coffees are a stand out across the board. Expect an elegant cup with a floral aroma and notes of ripe pineapple, berries, and strawberry tea.


Like what you’re tasting by Maker Fine Coffee this month? Do yourselves a favour and get yourself to Maker Fine Coffee Brew Bar at 47 North Street, Richmond.


Stay caffeinated.

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