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Posted By admin, October 01,2015, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – October 2015

We’re brimming with excitement to be unveiling Maker Fine Coffee as the roaster under our spotlight this October, founded in mid 2014 by coffee entrepreneurs John Vroom and partner Stephanie Manolas – the team behind Ora Cafe of the leafy suburb Kew in Melbourne’s east. John’s coffee pedigree comprises time spent mastering his skills behind the coffee machines at renown Melbourne coffee establishments Liar Liar and Proud Mary, and counts the 2011 Victorian Siphon Champion and runner-up at the Australian Siphon Championship of the same year amongst his coffee accomplishments. John’s interest in specialty coffee begun on arrival in Australia from his native Canada, soon falling deep into the scene which he now is proud to call his craft. His coffee and hospitality experience combined with Stephanie’s business management background makes for the perfect coupling in their latest coffee venture.

What’s in a name? Emanating from the concept that the process of roasting and serving coffee is much akin to the essence of this city’s prolific “Maker Movement” – in which artisans and craftsmen create with the aid of modern technology – so came about their name inspired by the way the old world art of coffee roasting is today enhanced by new world devices. These include the refractometer and Cropster – the advanced roast tracking software which emphasises the scientific element of roasting, where coffee perfection is best pursued through a fusion of both art and science.

So what do they believe sets them apart from other specialty coffee roasters? The Maker team are hyper-focussed on specialising in seasonal, unique coffee from a single lot, inspired to find single origin coffee versatile enough to work great served black, as well as being suitable as a milk-based coffee. This quest finds the team cupping a large amount of coffee to find the real gems that fit the bill, believing this approach truly allows the unique characteristics of the particular coffee to shine through. So in short, they’re inspired to find coffee that holds up entirely on it’s own without the need to blend! Although a keen advocate of enjoying coffee black, John likes to encourage drinkers to vary their brews to discover the different tastes that coffee offers – believing a great cup is one that maintains a balance between good body and a lively, lingering acidity.

And as of last month, Maker have achieved another milestone; opening their eponymous cafe adjoining the site of their roastery in the fringe city suburb of Richmond – thriving amongst like-minded businesses including cafes, restaurants, and boutiques which gives this precinct a decidedly entrepreneurial feel. Excited to open their space up to share their vast coffee knowledge and skills, the team welcome customers along their journey as they continue to learn, create and educate on quality specialty coffee in the industry that they are so devout.

Espresso + Filter drinkers

Directly applying their ethos of coffee enjoyed both ways, Espresso and Filter drinkers will be treated to the same single origin beans this month – roasted to their chosen preference of course(!)

Drinkers, be dazzled by the Oreti of Thika Plateau in Kenya. Oreti means “a place of danger and raw beauty” and is the estate owned by the Harries family who have been growing coffee here for over a century. This coffee has undergone the washed process which has afforded it a very unique flavour profile; exploding with tropical flavours whilst maintaining a creamy body. Expect dominant peach flavours, with notes of grape and black tea from this knockout cup.

Explorers, look forward to experiencing the Kochere from Ethiopia. This estate is southwest of Yirgacheffe, a region well-regarded for coffee production. The beauty of Ethiopian coffee is that it is a complete mix of varietals – with these highlands boasting between six to ten thousand naturally growing varietals, making for a beautifully complex cup.
It’s no secret that Ethiopian coffees are a stand out across the board, so expect an elegant cup with complimenting apricot, meyer lemon and green tea flavours.

What did you think of Maker’s offerings this month?

Stay caffeinated.

Find MAKER Brew Bar at 47 North Street, Richmond Vic, 3122.

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