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Inglewood Coffee Roasters, first came cafes, then came roasting.

Posted By admin, December 03,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – DECEMBER 2017

We’re in good company this month. Our featured roaster are seasoned entrepreneurs of Melbourne’s coffee industry, having collectively owned, operated and successfully sold near a dozen of the city’s coveted cafes between them over the past five years… Introducing Inglewood Coffee Roasters.

Forever trying to expand their horizons and abilities, Inglewood’s head roaster and green coffee buyer Cory Slater and business development director Julien Moussi felt the time was right to have a crack at the roasting side of the industry. “Julien and I love the coffee industry, and we love business. We both feel very fortunate to be involved in an industry that we are so passionate about”.

Their experience owning cafes including the likes of Penta Elsternwick, Annoying Brother Fitzroy and Legacy Camberwell, meant they were only too well aware of Melbourne’s tough coffee market littered with elite competition. They knew this meant their coffee had to be more than just “good”.

With this in mind, and knowing that every coffee is different, the team consistently aim to bring out the sweetness of the beans in the roasting process. They use their seasoned palates to identify things they like and don’t like, and adapt their roast profiles to highlight the real attributes of every coffee.

Not only do they want to satisfy the likes of coffee fanatics, but they also want to draw in people who are new to specialty coffee. “I think really sweet coffee has a greater potential to give people that ”uh-ha!” moment in separating specialty for the rest of the industry”… We think Cory and the Inglewood guys are onto something!


Enjoy the goods on offer from Inglewood Coffee Roasters this month:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting Inglewood’s Roosevelt espresso blend. This killer blend comprises of beans from Huila in Colombia & Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Taste milk chocolate, cherry and caramel flavours in this delightful mix.

Explorers, treat yourself with their Costa Rica single origin from Santa Marta de Dota. This coffee is cultivated at 1,500 metres above sea level. Taste tangerine, caramel and cocoa notes from this honey processed single origin coffee.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting Inglewood’s Kenya single origin. The Nainyoire farmers co-op produces around 50 tonnes of exportable coffee per year with over 50 farms contributing. Inglewood’s friends at First Crop Coffee participated in the auction to secure them this precious coffee. Taste grape, citrus, honey, and winey flavours from this beautiful single origin.

Explorers, get treated to Inglewood’s Ethiopia heirloom. The Sidamo region is well renown for its incredible and consistent quality, cementing Ethiopia as a favourite coffee origin. It makes for a delicate cup which packs a punch of flavour. It’s powerful aroma is reminiscent of honey and forest berries with tasting notes of strawberry, white peach and red apple.


Can you taste the Inglewood Coffee Roasters’ difference this month?


Stay caffeinated this silly season!

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