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Common Ground Coffee

Common Ground Coffee, home-grown and steeped in a family tradition.

Posted By admin, June 06,2016, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – JUNE 2016

We’ve saved a personal favourites of ours for you this month – introducing Common Ground Coffee as our opening Winter roaster, a hidden gem roasting out of a small set-up in Ormond, Melbourne.

This micro operation originating as a passion project, turned dedicated gig, is a father-daughter team doing what they do best for the love of coffee – sharing their coffee roasting know-how and inspiring coffee lovers all around with their unique roasts and blends with anyone who is caffeine-keen.

Alex Krivitsky and daughter Jacqui Alexander have pulled together a business that revolves around the artistry of coffee roasting, spawning from Alex’s experience discovering and developing his craft in the original coffee mecca of Italy when first introduced to it when residing there back in the raging 80’s.

They chose the name “Common Ground” to represent a place where people meet and connect, which is what they want their coffee to do – to bring people together, and this is exactly what their small neighbourhood roastery cafe in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs does.

Alex notes the part of his job which gives him the greatest satisfaction is the joy of discovering new green beans and creating new exiting blends. So you can be sure that the beans he meticulously sources and roasts himself are of the finest quality, and are treated with love to bring out the full flavour experience.

Together, they have developed a discerning palate for what flavours work well, which we’re sure you’ll appreciate when you get a chance to sample the product of this passion yourselves.


Espresso drinkers

The Black Russian is their signature blend – a mix of beans from Honduras, Brazil, and Kenya. This smooth full-bodied blend is created to be sipped slowly as the flavours steep and intensify revealing sweet notes of toffee and dark caramel are balanced with a crisp raspberry acidity and hints of pistachio. The team reckons this is equally seductive enjoyed as an espresso or latte.

Explorers, their Urban blend is a mix of beans from across Ethiopia, Brazil, Sumatra & Guatemala. This sophisticated blend with flavours of dry cacao and roasted almond with hint of black current sweetness. This mid roasted blend is the kind of coffee the team love to drink all-day every day. The roast almond and milk chocolate notes make this one perfect on its own or accompanied by
a buttery croissant and the daily paper.


Filter drinkers

The Summertime is based on a combination of Central American and African beans – making for a well balanced cup carrying tantalising earl grey and nectarine flavours, with a lemon lift and notes of honey to finish. This lightly roasted blend allows the delicate flavours of the beans to really shine making for a perfect filter cup.

Explorers, the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso single origin offers sweet and delicate notes of tea rose, apricot and honey. This long body is both smooth and creamy with a soft and lingering sweetness to finish this magnificent coffee.

So what do you think off Common Ground Coffee’s creations this month?


Stay caffeinated.

Team No-BS


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