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Featured roaster – OCTOBER 2017

October welcomes back a long overdue appearance by Melbourne specialty coffee heavyweight Code Black Coffee Roasters.

Staggered by the hefty coffee prices some cafes were asking in exchange for a humble coffee, Joseph Haddad – of Cafenatics fame, felt compelled to take the snobbery out of the coffee industry. So Code Black was conceived based on his belief that good coffee at an affordable price should be widely accessible to all.

Joining him in this pursuit are the team including Q Grader and operations man Archie who oversees the running of the business, coffee trainer and QA guy David, head roaster and green coffee buyer Allan, supported by fellow roaster Zenki who is also both a Q Grader and SCAE coffee instructor.

Between them, the team have amassed an unrivalled wealth of coffee knowledge. The strength of their game even saw them pull off a clean sweep of all three podium places at last month’s ASCA Southern Regional Brewers Cup Competition. Now how’s that for crushing it?

Naturally, this talent for coffee craftsmanship positively flows onto the business. Since the establishment of Code Black in 2012, the brand has flourished well beyond their flagship cafe roastery in Brunswick to include multiple outposts sprawled across Melbourne CBD and surrounds, so you’re never too far from a Code Black brew.

Initially starting out with a single origin focus, the team have since expanded to experiment with creating their own coveted blends, optimising composition to suit varied drinking styles, be that milk-based or simply black.

And the inspiration behind the name? Joseph confesses his love of the colour black… “And I also like it when things are efficient and fast, hence the name Code Black – for a love of being progressive and to the point”. Visit their Brunswick cafe roastery and you’ll notice this thinking manifested in the building itself. The slick, dark, moody and somewhat ominous interior with its simple dark outer shell shows a heady dedication to the theme.

And if this wasn’t enough to make them stand out in a city where cafes are more commonly known to be light and airy, the thing they think has the most going for them is their laser focus on coffee quality first. “I think being honest to ourselves is also the biggest attribute we have, we know our greatnesses and flaws”. And they certainly know how to use this to their advantage.


This month, enjoy the sweet sweet coffee from our friends at Code Black:

Espresso drinkers

Have you decoded it yet? The 3056 is Code Black’s mainstay signature blend, and it also happens to be the postcode for their eponymous roastery in Brunswick. It is a medium roast, and its slick malty profile means it is best enjoyed as a milk-based drink and stands equally well on its own as espresso. Its beautiful rounded sweetness and balanced citrus flavours make this one a popular choice.

Tangerine, cherry, honey and apricot. The Shakisso Guji is Code Black’s first washed Ethiopian arrival for the season, and it tastes like summer. Can also be enjoyed as filter yielding a lively cup profile, rounded and delicious.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Colombia Edilma Piedrahita. Edilma is the leader of a group of approx 30 producers called “Guacheros”, based around Bruselas, near Pitalito, Southern Huila. The group members pride themselves on striving to be the most ecological producers, using lots of compost for plants – heavily reducing the dependency on conventional fertilisers. Taste brown sugar, cooked apple and macadamia from Edilma’s latest offering.

Explorers, you’re also tasting the Chelba from Ethiopia’s Gedeo zone. This coffee has light and lively citrus notes, with good clarity of flavour. This Chelba is grown by around 700 smallholder farms, each owning approximately 150-200 trees. The Yirgacheffe district is known for having the highest concentration of high elevation areas in Africa. Find notes of grapefruit, lemongrass, caramel and black tea from this bright cup.


How are you enjoying Code Black Coffee Roasters’ coffee picks this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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