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Code Black Coffee Roasters, a Melbourne mainstay made for humans.

Posted By admin, June 13,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – JUNE 2019

Since we were last bestowed with Code Black Coffee Roasters’ incredible creations, the team have gone and got themselves a fresh new look.

The current team behind Code Black are operations manager Archie Chiu – resident Q grader and multiple Australian Brewers Cup Finalist, incredibly knowledgeable head roaster Allan Yeh, senior roaster Amber Wang – an Australian Brewers Cup finalist and ninja behind the coffee machine, head trainer Sam Low – NZ Barista Champion and two times New Zealand Latteart Champion, production roaster and gun barista Freya Crickmore and head barista Celine – passionate barista, championship competitor and one to look out for in future championships.

When sourcing, the team are always on the lookout for interesting and seasonal coffees, drawn to the most current offerings from green importers that they have built honest and loyal relationships with over the years.

It’s a collaborative process, where head roaster Allan organise samples and makes buying decisions based on the team’s feedback. And they’re super keen on sourcing coffees which aren’t commonly available, to do their bit to introduce more variety within the coffee community. “We don’t compromise on quality, we source coffees usually at a higher cost to ensure the chain of coffee is rewarded and to guarantee a consistent, delicious product.”

When it comes to roasting, the team strive to roast coffees that best represent where the coffee came from and to reflect all the variables it has undergone to influence it’s flavours. “Every origin has a completely different roasting approach depending on what it wants to showcase. If the coffee is floral and tea-like we ensure that these characteristics are highlighted to truly represent its terroir, but ensuring that there’s enough sugar development so it’s also a very tasty balanced beverage.”

The team are very excited to soon be launching their new website where you can book in training sessions and find barista training modules designed by their head trainer Sam Low, sure to turn the enthusiastic home brewer into learned home baristas in no time.

They’ve also just opened their new store Binary, a full a la carte kitchen on the exclusive upper end of Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD. And of course the ever ambitious team have other new stores in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

We hope you enjoy their new look as much as their exciting coffee on offer this month:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their Brazil Rancho Dantas of the Espirito Santos region. Taste citrus, raisin, nougat and almond flavours from this pulped natural Red Catuai varietal.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Colombia Edilma Piedrahita of the Pitalito Huila region. Taste lime, cherry, jasmine and honey sweetness from this washed Caturra varietal.

Filter Drinkers

This month, our filter drinkers will also get the opportunity to taste their Colombia Edilma Piedrahita of the Pitalito Huila region. Taste lime, cherry, jasmine and honey sweetness from this washed Caturra varietal.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Ethiopia Nansebo of the revered Sidamo region. Taste blueberry, orange candy, cooked fruits and cocoa flavours from this naturally processed Heirloom varietal.


How are you enjoying Code Black Coffee Roasters’ picks this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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Code Black Coffee Roasters cafe interior

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