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Clement Coffee Roasters

Clement Coffee, South Melbourne’s not so little secret.

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Featured roaster – July 2015

This month we’re super excited to be inviting back the one who started it all for No-BS… Welcoming back Clement Coffee roasters who wowed us the first time over 12 months back and are set to do it all again.

Clement begun life in 2012 as a South Melbourne cafe offering brews from local coffee strongholds including the likes of Market Lane. They have since progressed to creating their very own brand of caffeine, flying proudly under the very capable wings of the St.ALi family – roasting straight out of their warehouse roasting facility. Forever striving to offer customers exceptional coffee experiences drives them to work tirelessly towards their modest mission to get people thinking about coffee and its origins, far beyond it’s reserved place as our everyday caffeine hit.

With this in mind, they set up shop at South Melbourne Market, where their humble hole-in-the-wall cafe (an electrical substation in it’s former life) serves eager customers a lovingly crafted pour from the slick Spirit Triplette espresso machine in residence, every time. Pulling in a loyal crowd (and intrigued sight-seeing tourists alike), customers here are only too aware that despite the square-foot challenged space – the coffee produced out of this tiny alcove is out-of-this-world delicious; easily worth the wait.

And we’re confident they’re making namesake Pope Clement VIII – the alleged original coffee advocate who condemned naysayers; all too proud…

Espresso drinkers

For those partial to Espresso, we bring you their signature seasonal Pony blend. This all-round favourite fuses the best of Brazilian and Kenyan beans, working together to yield fruitiness of green apple laced with sweet candied citrus and lemon zest. Elegant florals and soft dark chocolate round out a clean and balanced cup. We’re also bringing our Explorers the Fazenda Rainha Micro lot from Brazil. This red bourbon varietal is grown in the Sao Sebastio de Grama region, where this farm is a Clement favourite – one which they have sourced coffee over the years due to their consistency in quality and sustainable practices. Moreover, Rainha won multiple Cup of Excellence awards spanning 2000 until 2011 – not too shabby accolades for a micro lot! Expect icing-sugar sweetness from this single origin accompanied by red cherry fruitiness, creamy milk chocolate and toasted almond with a lingering merlot-like finish.

Filter drinkers

For those of you in the Filter corner, we have the Colombia Condor San Agustin from the fertile mountainous region located in the south-west of Colombia. The volcanic soil and natural springs of this region provides the optimal micro-climate conditions for cultivating superior high-grade coffee. This resulting cup is heavy in black cherry and dark chocolate flavours. Sweet and bold, this coffee is tantalising, ending with a syrupy mouthfeel that lingers and leaves you wanting more.
Explorers also get to sample the Brazil Mutheka Peaberry – a real treat considering how hard Peaberry beans are to come by – only occurring when one half of the coffee bean is underdeveloped – leaving the existing half to take on a circular form; that is the Peaberry. This washed coffee is creamy with strawberry-like acidity, yielding sweetness of pawpaw and white peach flavours.

Now to get your verdict… Did Clement Coffee hit the spot?

Stay caffeinated
Team No-BS

Clement Coffee frontage

clement coffee outside

Clement Coffee latte art pour

Clement Coffee cafe

Clement Coffee bag

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