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Posted By admin, December 06,2018, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – DECEMBER 2018

Meet No-BS Coffee newbie Bonacci Coffee whose feature this month fittingly coincides with their fresh new look.

At the helm is a husband and wife team – Brendon Bonacci as head roaster and wife Leah as green bean buyer. They started Bonacci to get good quality coffees into the hands of everyday people, as they staunchly believe that access to high quality coffee should not be restricted to visits to specialty cafes. And so they set about democratising superb coffee.

Brendon’s passion for coffee piqued when he found it difficult to get the coffee flavour he wanted, so turned to backyard roasting. Crowned as a coffee nerd by family and friends, he began business as a coffee technician. Soon after, his small roasting operation was bursting at the seams so they made the call to invest in setting up a proper roasting facility.

Beginning as a coffee machine technician, Brendon relishes a challenge. “I love the unknown of a new fresh crop of coffee which we haven’t used before, putting it through the sample roaster to see how it’s performing, then putting it into our small batch roaster to see how it reacts to a conventional roasting environment, and then finally putting it into our production roaster to share it with our coffee loving customers.”

And when new exciting coffee comes into the country the true coffee nerd comes out in them. When there’s a mind blowing coffee on the table (something our members are fortunately going to get their hands on this month!), “There’s no better excitement than when an amazing coffee bursts out against the rivals.”

They believe that each cup of coffee is different, it’s personal – being a culmination of a person’s past experiences. “My personal favourites go back to my childhood where I loved tasting all the fresh fruits. So naturally I’m drawn towards African coffees. But as a whole, balance is the key factor to a great cup. Sweetness, body and acidity – when they’re all in harmony with each other, your experience is perfect.”

Their love for everything coffee is at a point where it doesn’t feel like a job anymore, “Every day is coffeeday and we’re so grateful to be involved in something we’re so passionate about.”

To maintain their high quality coffee creations, they cup and sample every single roast to ensure that their customers are consistently receiving amazing coffee to keep their taste buds on their toes, and we hope that’s how your taste buds are reacting to their goods!

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their Pilot Blend. Brendon admits that this was selfishly designed to satisfy his own palate, “I am not a subscriber of high amounts of acidity through espresso, I’m all about sweetness.” Accordingly, this is a clean, full bodied coffee with intense sweetness of toffee, caramel and hazelnuts, followed by a clean blueberry finish which is sure to satisfy even the most seasoned of espresso drinkers.

Explorer’s, you’re also tasting their Ethiopian Konga Sede. This offers a clean, syrupy body tasting of tropical punch, raspberry, papaya, pineapple, nectar and heavy sugars.

Filter drinkers

You’re tasting their Costa Rica Tirra Estate. This is a rich, sweet, full bodied coffee with upfront raspberry sangria flavour with notes of cherry and molasses. This is a super exotic coffee and Brendon insists that there actually isn’t enough space on this page to describe the amount of complexity this coffee is offering!

Explorers you’re also tasting their Colombia Elber Trujillo. This cup is super clean, with crisp orange acidity, notes of chocolate and nutmeg with a complex honey sweetness.


Like what you’re tasting by Bonacci Coffee this month? Head on over to their web store here.


Stay caffeinated.

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