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Header logo - Undercover Coffee Roasters

Undercover Coffee Roasters, a tale of two cities and impeccable coffee.

Posted By admin, January 03,2018, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – JANUARY 2018 Goodbye 2017, hello new year. We’re kicking off what we expect to be an spectacular year of coffee by introducing Undercover Coffee Roasters, our debut in our 2018 lineup and No-BS Coffee debutants. Established in 2011 and head-quartered across Bendigo and Melbourne, their passion for coffee speaks in every single […]

Logo header - Inglewood Coffee

Inglewood Coffee Roasters, first came cafes, then came roasting.

Posted By admin, December 03,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – DECEMBER 2017 We’re in good company this month. Our featured roaster are seasoned entrepreneurs of Melbourne’s coffee industry, having collectively owned, operated and successfully sold near a dozen of the city’s coveted cafes between them over the past five years… Introducing Inglewood Coffee Roasters. Forever trying to expand their horizons and abilities, […]

Logo header - Reverence Coffee

Reverence Coffee Roasters, growing beyond just a family affair.

Posted By admin, November 05,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – NOVEMBER 2017 Our November roaster Reverence Coffee Roasters are back sporting a brand new look, a new cafe, new team, yet the same heart. Last feature, brother and sister team Andreas and Annie Martinu were doing their bit to introduce specialty coffee to Melbourne’s West, opening their first eponymous cafe roastery in 2012 […]

Header - Code Black Coffee

Code Black Coffee Roasters, swiftly taking the city one corner at a time.

Posted By admin, October 04,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – OCTOBER 2017 October welcomes back a long overdue appearance by Melbourne specialty coffee heavyweight Code Black Coffee Roasters. Staggered by the hefty coffee prices some cafes were asking in exchange for a humble coffee, Joseph Haddad – of Cafenatics fame, felt compelled to take the snobbery out of the coffee industry. So […]

Header logo Commonfolk Coffee

Commonfolk Coffee Roasters, giving back to the community and industry and beyond.

Posted By admin, September 05,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – SEPTEMBER 2017 We first discovered this month’s roaster deep in Melbourne’s south eastern peninsula. The Commonfolk Coffee Roasters crew are back for another whirl with us, and this time they’re sporting a brand new look. Coffee aficionado Sam Keck founded Commonfolk Coffee Roasters after countless hours dwelling at public cupping sessions hosted […]


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