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Black Velvet Coffee Roasters, inspired by the classics to create memorable coffee moments… if you please.

Posted By admin, February 03,2018, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – FEBRUARY 2018

Our February featured roaster opened their first espresso bar on Melbourne’s Exhibition Street six years ago. They initially began serving coffee by various roasters, but their background and roasting knowledge compelled them to acquire a wee modest roaster to see what they could muster up themselves.

“Using Darren’s roasting experience from his previous life working for a renown commercial roaster, we roasted single origin beans off our bench top. It wasn’t long before we needed to roast larger quantities due to increased customer demand, so purchased a 2kg Solar Roaster, which again, sat on our bench top” Jackie Silverman fondly recounts. Within a very short space of time, they found that requests for their own coffee began to out do that of their guest roasters, and cafes who cottoned on came knocking on their door too. So they bought an even larger roaster, leased a factory and moved roasting offsite, and in 2012 Black Velvet Coffee Roasters was officially spawned.

Alongside co-founder husband Darren Silverman, the couple are supported by Tom Glen, Annie Sumner and Troy Cooper, and the team are set to grow even bigger this month, so expect the Black Velvet footprint to follow suit (YAY!).

So what inspired their name? “We wanted something that would speak of a luxurious, decadent, exceptional coffee and we feel ‘Black Velvet’ perfectly encapsulates that imagery”. And so they took inspiration from Alannah Myles iconic tune by the same name. And this theme of borrowing from classic tunes continues through to the naming of their blend creations – you need only look to their Voodoo Child, Purple Rain and Tiny Dancer blends to catch the resounding theme.

They pride themselves on harnessing their knowledge and resources to find stand-out coffee from farms and regions far and wide, and then roast to a profile that creates a flavour that is most appealing to their customers’ palates. Their belief is that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – “we don’t dictate how our customers should drink our coffee. Instead, we listen to our clients – they tell us how our coffee makes them feel great, and that’s the one we’ll do our very best to make for you.”

And they feel privileged to be a part of people’s lives through their coffee drinking ritual. The team appreciate that it is never ‘just’ a cup of coffee, but rather a moment in time that they help to create. They never forget these shared moments which fuels them to create the most fulfilling experience possible.


Enjoy our picks by Black Velvet Coffee Roasters this month:

Espresso drinkers

Taste their signature Voodoo Child, named after the song by Jimi Hendrix. It was the last song he played live and was his only #1 hit. A rich blend with a distinct caramel aroma, this versatile coffee has subtle acidity with notes of plum, toffee and spice ending in an enjoyable smooth dark chocolate finish. Perfect for espresso and milk based coffee. Why do they think this blend oh so good? “Because just like Jimi, it just is.”

Explorers, you’re also tasting their Tiny Dancer – this robust blend of coffees from Brazil and India is designed for the seasoned coffee drinker. A heavy syrupy body and spicy aroma, this blend offers deep dark chocolate and berry notes, a mild acidity and a long finish. So why choose Elton John’s classic? Darren explains: “It pays homage to Mrs Black Velvet – the dancer in my life. Like Jackie, this blend has a personality all of its own, it’s bold and it’s beautiful.” Nawwww….

Filter Drinkers

You’re drinking their Rwanda Nkora Caferwa single origin from the Rustriro District, Western Province. Taste spritzy lemonade, malt and blackcurrant with maple syrup and dried fig from this complex yet wonderful cup.

Explorers, you’re treated to their Colombia Organic RFA Saint Peter’s Excelso from Dolores – Tolima region. This light to medium roast yields purple grape and plum fruit flavours, and a full sticky body which carries a long sweet finish of burnt toffee and malt. Makes for a brilliant filter style coffee and could very much be enjoyed with milk also.


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Stay caffeinated.

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