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Aucuba Coffee Roasters, keeping quality and transparency at its core.

Posted By admin, August 13,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – AUGUST 2019

This August we’re throwing our arms wide open to welcome Aucuba Coffee Roasters of South Melbourne back to the No-BS circuit to yet again wow our members with their coffee creations.

Three years ago, founder Mark Knapp was driven to start up a micro roastery simply focused on selecting great coffee and roasting small batches to keep quality at its core.

Whilst primarily driven by quality and flavour profiles that they love, knowing the background of their green beans is also hugely important to them – believing in the value of creating lasting relationships with their trusted suppliers.

Having transparency and access to as much knowledge as possible about the farm, farmers, price paid, crop quality and harvest helps them make informed decisions in their sourcing and roasting process.

When roasting, they first aim to figure out a coffee’s inherent flavour properties through sample roasting and cupping (controlled testing). Then they try to isolate aspects of the coffee they want to highlight whilst still maintaining balance. This often determines how they will approach a roast.

“Certainly, we think of it’s intended use. Perhaps a little more development and sweetness for the milk drinkers or acidity in the filter etc. There’s a lot of analysis and thought that goes into a roast … certainly more than just light or dark roast!” Mark explains.

The end cup is one that has defining characteristics which sets it apart from the rest, yet is balanced in flavour profile for the way the intended drinker likes to enjoy it, whether milk-based or simply enjoyed black.

And what can we expect to see from them this year? “We’re looking to expand our wholesale list with like minded collaborators who view coffee quality the same as we do.”… Sign us up!

This month, the Aucuba Coffee Roasters team has spoilt our espresso and filter members alike with some delicious single origins:

Espresso drinkers

Espresso drinkers, you’re drinking their Brazil Fazenda Agua Limpia. Taste grape, cherry and stewed apple in this delightful cup.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Costa Rica Finca Toño. Cherry, apple and plum flavours make for a fruity brew.

Filter Drinkers

Filter drinkers, you’re drinking their Guatemala Finca El Coyolar. This bright brew is characterised by pear, peach and sweet nougat flavours.

Explorers, you’re also treated to their Ethiopia Gersi Orsi. Taste plum, lemonade and honey sweetness from this beautifully balanced cup.


How are you enjoying Aucuba Coffee Roasters’ picks this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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