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Au79 Coffee Roasters, taking their gold standard to the world stage.

Posted By admin, January 03,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – JANUARY 2019

Wander down the streets of Melbourne’s Abbotsford and stumble upon a photogenic designed space of epic proportions, swarming with patrons marvelling at the fanciful baked treats, abstract food creations, experimental coffee and plethora of exotic plants which warrant their own full time gardener! Introducing Au79 Coffee Roasters as our January featured roaster, and what a way to unveil our line-up for 2019.
Beginning as a group of passionate baristas who enjoyed nothing more than exploring and experimenting roasting and brewing methodologies, they now find themselves running one of the premier hospitality venues in Melbourne. And originating from the same pedigree of Fitzroy’s Sir Charles and Addict Food & Coffee, and Liar Liar and Prospect Espresso in the city’s inner east – they were more than well positioned to spin up a stellar blueprint of experiential food and coffee which is second to none.
“We believe in the Au79 gold standard experience for all guests and they get just that when they step into our 200 seater café venue where they able to witness the whole roasting process while having some of Melbourne’s best brunch dishes and make purchase some of our sourdough produce directly from our in-house bakery.”
The team are led by Head Roaster Minekazu Hirayama, supported by Assistant Roaster Satomi, and Head Barista & Trainer Hannah. The best bit of their job is exploring coffee with like minded team members and gathering information in order to find that perfect cup of coffee.
Au79 being the gold symbol on the periodic table symbolises their commitment to sourcing the highest quality beans and paying the respect owed during the roasting and brewing process.
Their idea of a great tasting cup is one with balance, which they believe to be key, with a tinge of acidity, sweet notes and syrupy texture thrown in for good measure which lends well to their objective to cater for all coffee drinkers.
“Our greatest passion for our blend is the partnerships we have made with farmers in Rwanda and Guatemala and we showcase their beans through our blends in order for guests to really appreciate their cup of coffee. It gives our baristas an opportunity to begin a conversation about our passion and purpose.”
Sustainability, approachability and passion for what you do is paramount to the Au79 philosophy. It’s this passion which has them now finding themselves launching their first international flagship venue in Nanjing, China… proving that they’re quite the high achievers if you ask us!
This month the Au79 team have spoilt both our espresso and filter drinkers with some of their best single origin offerings this month… what a cracker way to start the year indeed.

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their prized Rwanda Nziza Women Collective. Brought back from their recent trip to the farms of Kive Lake region, this washed bourbon varietal carries flavours of pineapple, fresh fig, caramel and lime sure to tantilise your taste buds.
Explorers are also tasting their Guatemala El Guatalon of Santa Rosa region. This washed Pacas varietal yields a delightful balance of almond, chocolate and honeydew flavours.

Filter drinkers

You’re tasting their Rwanda Ruli Mountain of the Musasa region. This washed bourbon varietal tastes of blood orange, golden syrup and English breakfast flavours sure to take your fancy.
Explorers are also tasting their Ethiopia Chelichele of the famed Yirgacheffe region. This washed heirloom varietal is packed with candied orange sweetness, and honey-lemon, jasmine and herbal goodness.
Stay caffeinated.
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