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Atomica Coffee Roasters, flavour with atomic proportions.

Posted By admin, May 04,2017, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – MAY 2017

May calls for the return of a Fitzroy favourite – Atomica Coffee, a roaster who has been in the specialty coffee game for years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Harking back to 1996, owner Toli and Vicky Avgerinos happened upon a small unassuming cafe called Atomica on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, long before the neighbourhood was considered “hip”. They had been experimenting with coffee for quite some time, trying to create their own blends in search of the perfect cup. So the cafe purchase was an easy decision, quickly followed by the acquisition of their very own roaster. Importing their own beans and roasting out of the site were the natural next steps to allow them to pursue this mission.

You could say that they are some of the O.G’s of coffee roasting, owning the title of the first cafe in Australia to source and roast coffee beans on-site. This makes them a huge influence in helping shape the future of coffee in Melbourne, having been around long enough to witness the coffee scene evolve from subculture to now, mainstream.

They were determined to make the best quality coffee Melbourne had to offer – going to pains to import specialty grade green beans, roasting them all separately to bring out the flavour profiles and then blending them together. After much toiling, they finally came upon the perfect recipe, later naming it Atomica “Dark”. Two decades on and this classic is still going strong. The team keep adding new blends, but they never change this classic blend… cause if it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

The Atomica team is small but wonderful; roasters, Matteo and Elliot create caffeine dreams and couldn’t do it without the support of their sales and warehouse team of Alana and Luke.

The team are inspired by their past “We’ll never forget why we started: we wanted to find a coffee that we LOVED to drink, and hopefully our customers feel the same. Everyday, we’re inspired by that”. Seems like a pretty straightforward and worthwhile mission to us!

We were lucky enough to head over to their Northcote Roastery to see first hand the craft involved and just how proud these guys are of not only their coffee, but working for a company that hasn’t lost sight of their goal after 21 years in the business…


Espresso drinkers

With beans sourced from Santo Antonio in Brazil, you’ll experience a full bodied cup with a fruity aroma, alongside sweetness; smooth and consistent with medium to high citric acidity. Notes of dark chocolate, roasted hazelnut and stone fruits are followed by a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Explorers, also get a taste of their Tiger Ray blend. A well balanced cup of full bodied coffee, with medium acidity. At first, floral notes that lead to spicy overtones, with hints of tobacco and cocoa creating a pleasant, long-lingering aftertaste.

Filter Drinkers

The Twilight filter consist of beans sourced from Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Brazil. A floral cup, the beans burst with flavours of orange blossom and roasted sweet almond. A bright and balanced cup, with medium body and a smooth, long finish.

Explorers, taste the light bodied Honduras with medium-high acidity. This Cerro Bueno exemplifies the best characteristics of the Marcala region. It’s a clean cup with notes of chocolate and a sweet honey finish.


How do you find Atomica Coffee’s picks this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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Atomica Coffee Roasters roasting

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