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Atomica Coffee, Fitzroy’s original roaster.

Posted By admin, June 01,2015, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – June 2015

As we bid adieu to the back of Autumn and the cooler temperature sets upon us, as does our desire for a Winter-warming brew to pull us through the chills of this blistering season. Enter Atomica Coffee, avidly stepping up to the plate to satiate our winter coffee needs.

Atomica have long been roasting premium Arabica beans since way-back-when to supply their Fitzroy-based cafe since 1996(!), making them a veteran amongst Melbourne’s boutique coffee elite. Fast forward nearly two decades later, and this humble cafe still stands in the same spot today, having firmly established themselves as a long-time local favourite.

This is in large part influenced by owner Toli Avgerinos’ mission to create the best coffee that keeps customers coming back. With consistency in quality always top of mind, Atomica go all out by using only first-rate production methods to maintain their high standard – where their core focus is to roast beans to realise the optimal flavour profile afforded by the nuances and origins, highlighting the individual characteristics which makes each coffee unique.

This absolute no-shortcuts approach is what has allowed Atomica to thrive in Melbourne’s growing competitive specialty roaster market, forever maintaining a loyal fanbase of devotees. Even extending their coffee supply out to local cafes, spreading their footprint for those further afar to enjoy – an endeavour we are only happy to facilitate, starting with our No-BS members…

Espresso drinkers

Atomica’s signature blend, the Atomica Dark is roasted from high-grown Arabica coffees from south and central South America. This full-bodied cup yields subtle marmalade notes with flavours of roasted hazelnut, nougat and cherry ending in a delicious dark chocolate finish.
Explorers get to try the Tiger Ray, a well-balanced cup of full bodied coffee, with medium acidity. This blend opens with floral notes leading to spicy overtones, with hints of tobacco and cocoa along the way – one lingering taste to be savoured.

Filter drinkers

Be dazzled by their Ethiopian Aricha of the Yirgacheffe region. This coffee is unwashed and processed via natural drying methods yielding bright tastes of tropical fruits and berries, followed by a long finish of butterscotch, spices and chocolate leaving a silky mouthfeel. All-in-all, a rich and wholesome cup.
Explorers get to experience Hook Turn – a cross-continental blend of South and Central America and African beans. This medium-bodied coffee carries sweet flavours of chocolate and caramel, leading to a welcomed spice-infused vanilla finish.

Now get stuck in, as your epic Atomica flavour experience awaits…

Stay caffeinated
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