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Amble Cafe, first came the cafe then came the coffee roasting.

Posted By admin, October 12,2019, in Featured roaster

Featured roaster – OCTOBER 2019

We often feature coffee roasters who eventually branch out to open their own namesake cafe as a natural expansion. This month however, we’re turning the tables by showcasing coffee by Amble Cafe who have flipped and reversed this pattern.

They’re a cafe who have gone that extra step to create their own bespoke coffee, from a desire to control their own flavour profiles to offer their customers a unique coffee experience, not to mention allowing them to put their coffee roasting wisdom to good use!

Travelling through South America, Marco Assanti spent ample time visiting coffee farms to learn as much as he could about the stuff. Starting at one of Australia’s best coffee brands upon his return to Australia in 2010 gave him a leg up to really understand what coffee profiles are enjoyed by punters, further brewing his appetite to create his own coffee.

Partnering with brother, co-owner and chef Joseph Assanti, the pair opened Amble Cafe in Melbourne’s coveted Flinders Lane, to offer the bustling community of city workers a more considered food and coffee experience to the often sub-par options available who too easily compromise on quality for convenience.

Amble means to walk at a slow and relaxed pace. Marco explains “We wanted the name and vibe to be about the small things that mean a great deal in a busy place”. It serves as a reminder to take it slow, sit down to enjoy a coffee and some hearty fare and more importantly to immerse oneself in the moment – something quite uncommon during business hours in Melbourne’s CBD where their cafe resides.

When it comes to their coffee, they wanted to create an approachable product for ease of use for the home barista or busy cafe alike. It’s the coffee approach that they believe anyone can get a great result from.

Predominantly sourcing Colombian coffee from Cauca for their milk based drinks, their Market Origins for black coffee and filter are what is in season with a tendency to lean towards mostly African and Central American coffees which are given the platform to shine on their own. “We wanted it to simply be really obvious flavour in the cup” Marco explains.

This month, Amble Cafe have treated our members to some sweet picks:

Espresso drinkers

You’re tasting their Public Blend – described as “a roast for the people”. Marco explains “From the beginning we wanted to develop a really good milk based coffee that would pierce though a good quality fat milk without tasting weak – this means sourcing a major component of good quality Colombian coffee from Cauca with lots of toffee, chocolate, crème brûleé and candy apple sweetness”.

Explorers get to taste their Market Origins. This month, this comes from Colombia La Vega This Castillo and Caturra varietal features notes of peach pulp and mango. It is characterised by a juicy body with toffee and brown sugar sweetness.

Filter Drinkers

You’re tasting their Guatemala La Solidad from the Agua region. This washed Caturra yields grape, cherry and stewed apple flavours, characterisd by balanced acidity with a pecan and milk chocolate finish.

Explorers are also treated to their Ethiopia Guji Wolichu Wachu. This washed coffee carries tropical passionfruit and ripe apricot fruitiness. Gentle sweetness of tangelo and summer floral notes nicely round out this delightful cup.


How are you enjoying the coffee by Amble Cafe this month?


Stay caffeinated.

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